The Cost & Signs of Substance Abuse in America

Substance Abuse still seems to be a fragile topic. Unlike you, most people turn a blind eye to the entire situation. On hearing “substance abuse” most people associate it with the homeless person

How to Stay Sober During the Holidays

Stay away from Stressors By planning ahead, you can make these days easy on yourself. For one, stay away from the people and places that remind you of your previous holidays involving substance abuse.

Open House

Welcome to Coalition Recovery! Come join us as we celebrate opening our doors to our brand new facility located in Tampa, Fl. Coalition Recovery is on a mission to curb the industry standard for subst

How to Talk to Your Children About Drugs

As a parent, you are responsible for protecting and informing your children about illnesses, dangers, and what acceptable and unacceptable actions are in life. Children primarily rely on their parents

Early Trauma in Adults

Early Trauma and Subsequent Antisocial Behavior in Adults Greg J. Armstrong, LMHC, CAP, CCJAS Susan D. M. Kelley, PhD This study describes the prevalence of childhood trauma and maltreatment anteceden

The Renaissance Program – Innovating Aftercare

What is AfterCare? Aftercare is the time period after someone leaves substance abuse treatment. It is actually a very important piece in the recovery process because, without the proper care, the clie

What to Look for in a Sponsor

Beginning the recovery process is filled with uncertainty, confusion, and apprehensiveness. Finding a sponsor is the best way to dispel these feelings. A sponsor is an alcoholic who has made some prog

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