What it means to be the best alcohol rehab in Tampa, Florida

The Best Alcohol Rehab in Tampa: What That Means

If you are looking for the best alcohol rehab in Tampa, Florida, here is a list of attributes it should have. Better therapy gives better results. Be wary not to fall into some of the

5 types of food to boost recovery

5 Best Foods to Boost Your Recovery

Nutrition is a critical element in a healthy recovery. The vitamins and nutrients from healthy foods can be extremely important in early recovery as the body works to restore many of the imbalances ca

Sober October 2020

Sober October 2020 – Are You In?

Sober October is for everyone, whether in recovery or not. This event started as a fundraiser in Australia, but has become more popular due to the health benefits of drug and alcohol abstinence. Learn

Depression & Inflammation Blog Post

The Connection Between Inflammation and Depression

Depression is the leading cause of disability in our world, yet we have been unable to find suitable treatments as many people do not find help with modern medications. For medical professionals to pr

Stigma in Addiction Treatment

The Stigma of Addiction

There's a general uneasiness towards individual's with substance use disorders. Unlike most illnesses, these individuals often feel ashamed and guilty for their behaviors; often catalyzing their addic

Signs of an overdose Blog Post Cover

The Signs of Overdose And What To Do

Overdoses are now the leading cause of preventable deaths. There are 67,367 drug overdose deaths in the United States. By knowing the signs of an overdose and what to do, we might be able to save the

How Our Body Stores Unprocessed Trauma

How Unprocessed Trauma Is Stored In The Body

Trauma stays with us forever if left unattended. This unprocessed trauma can manifest into both psychological and physical problems. Addressing these experiences and releasing these physical blockages

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