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BlueCross BlueShield Approved Rehab in Tampa, Florida

Wednesday, November 11, 2020 | By Cooper Samp

Coalition Recovery in Tampa, Fl: Officially An In-Network Provider with BCBS

Coalition Recovery has added yet another insurance provider to our in-network list: BlueCross BlueShield. By becoming an in-network provider with BlueCross BlueShield, we have met their criteria for quality standards and as a result, are able to offer evidence-based treatments at the most affordable rate available to individuals covered through Blue Cross Blue Shield.

We are in-network with a wide range of insurances apart from BCBS; almost all private insurance policies.

About BlueCross BlueShield

BlueCross BlueShield of Florida

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) is a federation of 36 separate United States health insurance companies that provide health insurance in the United States to more than 106 million people. It was formed in 1982 from the merger of its two namesake organizations: Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Blue Cross and Blue Shield developed separately, with Blue Cross providing coverage for hospital services and Blue Shield covering physicians’ services. 

BlueCross BlueShield offers plans in all 50 states through member companies like Anthem Blue Cross, Premera, and state-specific like BlueCross BlueShield of Florida (branded as Florida Blue). GuideWell, formally GuideWell Mutual Holding Corporation (holding company for Florida Blue), is a mutual insurance holding company primarily focused on health insurance in Florida. They are the 10th largest insurance provider in the nation – supplying strictly to Florida residents. 

In-Network BCBS (FloridaBlue) Provider in Tampa, Florida

Florida Blue is the largest healthcare provider in Florida. Despite this fact, it seems in-network medical facilities are far and few; especially when considering addiction treatment at a rehab facility. 

Thankfully, if you are in or near Tampa, Florida, Coalition Recovery is one of the few treatment centers in the area in-network with BCBS. 

In-Network Benefits Through BlueCross BlueShield

The most common health coverage plans through BCBS are the HMO plans (in-network plans). HMO plans are the most common type of health plans because they cost less, but you are limited with your choices of healthcare providers. Thankfully, Coalition recovery is an in-network provider with BCBS meaning if you have a BCBS HMO plan, your treatment here will be covered. 

The advantages of a BCBS HMO

  • Lower monthly premiums and generally lower out-of-pocket costs.
  • Generally lower out-of-pocket costs for prescriptions.
  • Claims won’t have to be filed as often since the medical care you receive is in-network.
  • The convenience of having a primary care doctor as your advocate to coordinate and manage your care.

The disadvantages of a BCBS HMO

  • HMO plans require you to stay within their network for care, unless it’s a medical emergency.
  • If your current doctor isn’t part of the HMO’s network, you’ll need to choose a new primary care doctor.

Out-of-Network Benefits with BCBS?


While PPO (preferred provider organization) plans allow individuals to pick whichever facility they like, what most people might not understand is that they should still consider in-network facilities. 

You see, while out of network benefits allow you to choose which provider, there are two separate deductibles and copays; one for both in-network expenses and another for out-of-network expenses. The deductible for out of network expenses is typically higher. 

Therefore, to keep your costs to a minimum (as treatment can get costly without proper coverage) try to stay in-network.  

Why Affordability Doesn’t Mean Low Quality

licensed staff at an alcohol rehab in Tampa, Florida

By becoming an in-network provider with BCBS and therefore FloridaBlue, we have negotiated contracts with the insurance provider. This has allowed us to maintain our highly experienced doctors and therapists but allows our treatment program to be more affordable to millions of Floridians. 

BCBS Policy for Substance Abuse

Your coverage and benefits will vary depending on your BCBS plan. For example, the lowest plan BCBS offers – bronze – provides low monthly premiums, however, when medical expenses do happen, individuals may face higher deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses. The higher plans – gold – will offer higher premiums, but lower deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses. 

In relation to substance abuse treatment, your treatment will be at the very least partially covered. How much you will be responsible for will depend on your particular plan and the state you reside in. You can either call your health insurance provider or one of our admission specialists here at Coalition Recovery. They will be able to assess the costs of treatment by reviewing the treatment services covered by your plan.

Call today (888) 707-2873.

BlueCross (FloridaBlue) Coverage for Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient addiction treatment programs that BCBS covers include:

  • Acute Inpatient Alcohol & Drug Detoxification
  • Inpatient Treatment for Alcohol & Drug Disorders
  • Partial Hospitalization for Alcohol & Drug Disorders

Inpatient Rehab Service and Costs

BlueCross BlueShield policy coverage can vary depending upon where you live and the type of rehab/treatment facility you choose. A rough estimate on inpatient rehab coverage under the common types of BlueCross BlueShield plans are as follows:

  • Bronze plans – Policyholders enjoy the lowest deductible for in-network service providers but do not enjoy coverage for treatment from out-of-network treatment facilities.
  • Silver plans – Policyholders have to bear a coinsurance percentage along with the plan’s deductible for in-network rehabs. This plan does not offer coverage for addiction treatment from out-of-network hospitals/rehabs.
  • Gold plans – Requires a coinsurance percentage less than the silver plans along with the deductible, and does not cover out-of-network service providers.
  • Platinum plans – Offers coverage for out-of-network rehabs in some cases. However, in addition to the deductible, this policy can involve a higher coinsurance percentage.

Here are several estimates if you are looking into inpatient rehab and the costs associated. Once again, these are just estimates; to obtain an accurate breakdown, please call us at (888) 707-2873.

BCBS Coverage for Outpatient Treatment


Outpatient rehab services covered by your BCBS Health Plan typically include:

  • Individual, Family and Group Therapy
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment
  • Alcohol & Drug Detoxification Medication Management
  • Anti-Craving Medication Management

Outpatient Rehab Coverage Estimates

  • Bronze Plans – Coinsurance based on the state of residence and may fall between zero to 50 percent. Out-of-network may or may not be covered in these plans.
  • Silver Plans – Several outpatient services that are in-network may have a coinsurance percentage, while others have a copay per visit. Out-of-network providers may or may not be covered.
  • Gold Plans – Depending on the service provided, there may be a small coinsurance percentage or copay required per visit for in-network. Out-of-network services may or may not be covered.
  • Platinum Plans – Minimal coinsurance or copay requirements for in-network providers. Some policies may have out-of-network coverage, but coinsurance rates are generally higher for these services.

A standard outpatient program will have one or two therapy sessions a week. Your health plan will cover certain types of outpatient treatment. This is a good option for people who are still working, holding down a family, and other responsibilities. Intensive outpatient programs covered by insurance are more days per week (up to 5).

Looking for a BCBS Approved Rehab in Tampa?

Florida Beach Sunset

Coalition Recovery provides quality care for residents of Florida and now provides the most affordable treatment available for individuals covered through BCBS. Throughout the past couple of years, we have developed plans with a variety of insurance providers to help bring down the costs of treatment for individuals covered.

We know first hand the struggles associated with addiction and mental health; don’t let finances be another. By attending an in-network facility, you can ensure you or your loved one is receiving high-standard care at the most affordable rate available.

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