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Prescription Drug Abuse Support Groups

Prescription drug abuse has become an overwhelming problem today. The origins of this type of addiction are slightly different than other addictions and thus should have the support that aligns with i

What happens when you quit drinking alcohol


Alcohol is the most popular psychoactive drug used by more than 80% of the population but can be one of the most addictive substances as well. Learn more about Alcohol and its effects here.

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Opioids are drugs used to help prevent pain but are also highly susceptible to abuse and addiction. Learn more about the types of opioids and the effect they can have on the human body.

Drug Withdrawals

Withdrawing from drugs can be extremely uncomfortable and sometimes life-threatening. Learn more about drug withdrawal symptoms and timelines and how to manage them effectively

What happens when you quit drinking alcohol

Alcohol Withdrawals & Detox

Alcohol withdrawals can be deadly. They are among the most risky substances to detox from despite being legally accessible to adults. Learn more about them here.

Treatment for Marijuana Substance Abuse


Marijuana is one of the most popular illegal drugs in the United States. In 2016, 51% of people in the United States admitted to using cannabis in their life. About 12% had used it in the past year, a

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Alcohol Abuse or Alcohol Addiction?

The casual drink has become the norm for most people today. Whether they go out to a sit-down restaurant or cook a nice state dinner, it’s unusual not to see a glass of wine next to the plate. It he

Timeline of Opioids

The Historical Timeline of Opioids

During the end of 2017, the white house declared a state of emergency on opioids. How did we get here? According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, opioids consist of the illegal drug heroin, sy

Detox Tampa

How to Know if I Need Detox? (with List)

Sometimes it can be hard to know which type of treatment you may need. You might search Detox Tampa, but there can be a multitude of lingering questions. If I want treatment, do I have to go to detox

5 Signs Your Loved One is Drinking Too Much

Talking to someone who may have an addiction can be a difficult task, but before we get to those steps, it would be important to assess if a loved one truly drinks too much. According to SAMHSA, 6.2%

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