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Molina Healthcare In-Network (HMO) Provider for Addiction Treatment Copy

In-Network Molina Drug Rehab

Coalition Recovery in an in-network provider with Molina; offering the most competitive costs for individual's covered through them. Molina Healthcare started to help lower-income patients in Californ

AmeriHealth In-Network (HMO) Provider for Addiction Treatment (1)

AmeriHealth In-Network Drug and Alcohol Rehab

AmeriHealth is one of the largest providers for residents of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Coalition Recovery is an in-network provider with AmeriHealth offering high quality treatment at a cost-effect

In-Network (HMO) Provider for Addiction Treatment

AvMed In-Network (HMO) Provider for Florida

Coalition Is currently an in-network provider with AvMed. AvMed (formerly known as Aviation Medicine) serves many Floridians throughout the state. If you are seeking addiction treatment for substance

tricare addiction rehab

We Now Accept TRICARE Insurance!

TRICARE Approved Treatment Tampa As of today, Coalition Recovery can now accept TRICARE Insurance. If you have TRICARE insurance and are looking for substance abuse treatment or a drug and alcohol reh

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