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Relapse Prevention Through Continuing Care

Most often, individuals suffering from addiction also suffer from some manner of co-occurring disorder such as depression or anxiety. For this reason, a professional drug rehabilitation center like Co

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How to Welcome Back a Coworker From Treatment

It can be a bit difficult or a little awkward welcoming back a fellow employee after they have been absent for mental health reasons. Historically these issues have been traditionally taboo and are ge

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Tips for Staying Sober Post-Treatment

The objective of treatment is to get clean and stay sober. Because addiction is a chronic disease, relapse (or the return to use during sobriety) is common and often times a phase of sobriety. During

Amino Acid Therapy

Amino Acid Therapy

  Amino Acid Replacement Therapy has been gaining immense popularity as of recently, but what exactly is it? Coalition Recovery is a provider of Amino Acid Therapy in Tampa and Saint Petersburg (

The Renaissance Program – Innovating Aftercare

What is AfterCare? Aftercare is the time period after someone leaves substance abuse treatment. It is actually a very important piece in the recovery process because, without the proper care, the clie

What to Look for in a Sponsor

Beginning the recovery process is filled with uncertainty, confusion, and apprehensiveness. Finding a sponsor is the best way to dispel these feelings. A sponsor is an alcoholic who has made some prog

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