Coalition Recovery Testimonial (Chris)

Coalition Recovery Testimonial (Chris)

Thursday, February 13, 2020 | By Cooper Samp

“Hi, my name is Chris and I have recently completed Coalition [Recovery]. I am going to tell you a little bit about my experience.

When I first came in I had tried many other rehabs. I had tried a lot of things to try and get clean and sober. Those things didn’t work for me so I was apprehensive about Coalition [Recovery].

The cool thing about Coalition is they are very inviting, very intimate, and very caring and sincere. They recognized that I had some misgivings and they really met me every step of the way. They reassured me that it’s possible to stay clean and sober. Theyr showed me through the staff, who have personal and professional experience with addiction. They showed me through their guidance. They would teach me coping skills to use out in the real world. [Coalition Recovery] would teach me about my mental health conditions and what that looks like and the proper places to go. They gave me a lot of resources to use both at my stay at Coalition and in the future of sobriety.

Another powerful thing about Coalition [Recovery} is that they offer family groups [therapy]. And prior to Coalition, I had not had that before. My family had always been separate from my recovery. Coalition invited them in and they were able to be a part of, rather than separate, from my recovery. It made all the difference because they got to share how they felt and I got to share how I felt, and it really rebuilt that relationship to where we were able to grow past it; finally after years of suffering and confusion. We were able to talk about things and move forward – which is something I never had before.

Another thing about Coalition that I really liked is that there are different ways that they teach you how to live a life in recovery. At other places, they may just talk to you or give you a handout. Here you are doing art therapy, you are doing experiential, you are doing yoga. So, you really get to try a lot of different things to stay clean and sober.

And that’s really important because, with addiction to me, I would get bored easily. At Coalition [Recovery] they knew what to do. They knew how to meet me where I was at and go forward.

I have been able to deal with my emotions here on another level I did not think would be possible.

The staff here is incredibly kind and caring. They stay after hours to help you. They find your problems and help you solve them one on one. There is always someone to talk to. The place is always clean, always safe, and inviting. They are always open to suggestions and they are growing too, so it’s nice to be a part of that.

The good thing about Coalition too is that it is not separate. It not, “just stay here and do something else when you’re gone. They really have a strong aftercare program. For me, I was able to really ease back into the real-life world problems rather than just staying in a tight little bubble and leaving on from there.

So, yeah, that has been my experience at Coalition [Recovery]. It was very scary coming in, and now I have been able to leave free and confident and very full of hope. It could work for you too!”

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