Halfway Housing – What is It?

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Thursday, May 2, 2019 | By Cooper Samp

Purpose of a Sober Home

If you have ever heard the terms “halfway house”, “transitional housing”, or perhaps “sober living”, they refer to a type of assisted living for individuals in recovery wishing to abstain from alcohol and drugs. They use a peer-oriented, social model approach that emphasizes mutual support, financial self-sufficiency, and resident involvement in decision making and management of the facility. Halfway houses are a popular and smart decision for anyone transitioning into recovery. These types of living facilities are especially useful for people transitioning out of treatment or rehab as it provides a bridge from substance abuse treatment into independent living. A sober living facility provides a safe, stable environment for individuals in recovery as it does not tolerate substance use.

Transitional sober living is useful because often times relapse can be more susceptible when people move home. Exposure to alcohol, drugs, relapse triggers, and friends and family who encourage substance use can derail recovery even for persons who are highly motivated. For instance, living alone can pose significant challenges for some individuals, but a halfway house can provide the necessary support needed during the initial stages of independent recovery.

By living in a transition home, everyone in the residence is familiar with addiction and understands each other’s struggles. These recovery communities tend to be more familiar with many of the struggles addiction more than most people including family and friends. Families can have the best intentions, but they may not understand what can set off a person’s triggers. The sober living community can provide safe social and psychological support during these delicate transition periods.

Qualifications for Entry

Qualifications for living in a halfway house are minimal. A potential living residence must be in recovery and show a willingness to stay sober and promote sobriety throughout the house. Each person living in transitional housing should be a positive asset to their peers. Rent is required to live in this housing and is not covered by health insurance. Sober living facilities are segmented between male and female houses; some housing facilities may have multiple homes for each but some may only take one sex.

Common Living Guidelines for Sober Housing

Entry requirements are relatively low, but there are certain mandated responsibilities each member of the house must accomplish in order to maintain living in transitional housing. these requirements are for the purpose of building beneficial routines to foster healthy and sober living. These types of things can include but are not limited to:

woman talking about her depression to a friend
  • No drug use of any kind (most homes allow nicotine products)
    • Smoking only allowed outside
  • House Chores
  • Maintaining Cleanliness
  • Attending Group Therapy Meetings (typically 12-step based)
  • Being respectful to other residents
  • Submit to random drug screening/breathalyzer immediately upon request.
  • Obtaining a Sponsor
  • Abide by house curfew
  • No persons other than residents allowed inside
  • Employed within 2-3 weeks
  • Attend some form of treatment
  • Some houses do not allow individuals to stay home during the day to promote working or searching for work.

By building a cohesive community of like-minded individuals, people can surround themselves with others who will help them not only stay sober but further their lifestyle in a healthy direction.

Where to Find a Halfway House in Tampa

Unfortunately, there is a large need for sober living facilities – especially in the Tampa Bay area. As a part of our case management initiatives, we help our members obtain sober living before they are finished with their programs, providing a seamless transition post-treatment. For assistance with finding the appropriate sober living facilities, our admission’s representatives may be able to help.

Coalition Recovery offers housing for men & women in the Tampa Bay area. Our housing has its own curriculum designed to help individuals transition into their new lives. There are also a few other options in the area. They include:

Halfway houses are a smart choice for anyone early in recovery. Often times it can be hard to focus on work-life responsibilities, maintain motivation and socialization, and focus on staying sober without emotional support and understanding. Halfway houses help people stay focused and on track to living a productive and sober life.

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