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Tuesday, June 16, 2020 | By Cooper Samp

It is a very common misconception that working professionals are unlikely to suffer from substance use disorders or addiction. The reality is that alcohol use and even drug use are all too common due to the high stressors induced by the pressure and intensity of these professions. Oftentimes, doctors and CEOs are vulnerable to mental health disorders like depression and anxiety – which can lead to subsequent substance abuse problems.

Especially in business and sales, a culture of drinking can mask the severity of the problem. When other co-workers are drinking during networking events, using amphetamines to accomplish work, or using marijuana, alcohol, or prescriptions to relax, it can feel like these actions are normal. 

It is important to understand that despite work performance or the surrounding culture, or no matter how well you are doing in your career or how common drinking or using is, this does not exempt you from a disorder. Professionals often overlook their adverse habits as a means to their success, when in reality this is far from the case. 

Almost inevitably, drugs and/or alcohol slowly deteriorates the physical and social health of individuals. Over time, they begin to rely on these sources for communication, fun, and productivity. Here at Coalition Recovery, we help replace these drugs with healthier alternatives to have fun, stay motivated, and help you become aware of the situations, environments, and triggers that may lead you back to these behaviors. 

More often than not, working professionals do not understand the extent of their use until it is too late. Even for those who have the foresight to change their actions early on, the admission of their problem can be hard to come face to face with. They may be embarrassed and even worried about the repercussions of this admission. How will this be perceived within their social circle, their employers, and colleagues? This fear can be enough to resist treatment altogether. 

For many professionals, they may try to quit on their own. If they can’t seem to escape the grasps of addiction this way, they will often turn to specialized help from a doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist. Entering into a rehabilitation center seems out of the question due to the chance of being recognized or publicized. 

For these reasons, it is often hard for working professionals to get their life back on track. If you are a licensed professional, it is important to understand the significance of tailored treatment that may assist you in becoming more efficient, effective within your work. Lawyers, doctors, and business professionals all have unique environments that can contribute to substance abuse and dependency. Group therapies with other executives can help illuminate the scenarios and environments that can contribute to negative behaviors that solely one-on-one therapy cannot.

Working professionals and executives have particular needs and intentions compared to others. For instance, everyone in an executive rehab program understands the importance of confidentiality, but even more important, you’ll be connected to individuals with similar experiences and situations to learn from.

Working through these behaviors with a private medical professional is possible, but may take some time. Within an executive rehab program, you will not only be surrounded by others in your circumstance but obtain over 35 hours of clinical treatment each week – compared to the couple hours received with a personal therapist.

Here, at Coalition Recovery, we provide that very treatment; our treatment for professionals is a program developed to resolve your substance abuse or addiction while imparting you with skills for higher solidarity and success within your field.

Rehabilitation Designed For Professionals With Addiction

Our program is created to satisfy the requirements of a range of licensed executives by offering a host of amenities and resources for those who operate in multiple fields and consist of, but are not restricted to, those who work as:

  • Nurses
  • Medical professionals
  • Attorneys
  • First responders
  • Pilots
  • Business executives

The concept behind our professional program is to develop a comfy rehabilitation environment that permits professionals to stay in touch with their business requirements while tackling their substance abuse and addiction. To satisfy these demands, our program offers multiple business tools and facilities set against the background of unparalleled treatment within a tranquil and peaceful facility. Our program length differs from 30 to 90 days, and depends on each client’s special requirements and our thorough assessment.

Confidentiality Is Important

We understand the importance of confidentiality – especially with respect to individuals in the professional field. Certain individuals might be concerned about the publicity of their addiction and subsequent therapy. Rest assured, all information within a treatment center is protected. All personal info – such as your presence at the facility – will only be disclosed to individuals with signed releases by you. Any disclosure of information outside of these releases is a direct violation of HIPPA, and therefore the law. 

In the state of Florida, there is a means for working professionals to take a leave of absence for medical purposes. The Florida Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, keeps an individual’s job safe while away for medical reasons. Therefore, when someone leaves work for addiction therapy, they won’t have to worry about losing their job while away. Furthermore, disclosing the medical condition is not a requirement for FMLA. Employers only need to know the leave is a medical emergency, nothing more. 

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The Amenities Of Our Professional Drug Rehab

A licensed professional who requires treatment for drug addiction or alcoholism might be hesitant to look for care worrying they will be out of touch with the demands of their work. It doesn’t have to be that way. The facilities and resources provided within this program are a helpful recovery tool for professionals who wish to stay in touch with both their profession and company demands while keeping an active and constant existence within their professional role.

People who visit us for our executive program have demanding jobs and a myriad of duties, a few of which might yet need their attention even while they’re within treatment. If you require contacting your business colleagues or participate in a meeting to fulfill your work-related duties, we will allow you to utilize various applications or video chats so that you can remain present and included.

Here are things that you can anticipate within our program:

  • We permit you to bring your laptop
  • We will establish hours into your schedule so that you can work
  • Computer and internet access
  • Printers and fax machines
  • Telephone
  • Work area for performing your work
  • Art therapy
  • Meditation and yoga

These features make rehabilitation a more peaceful and comfortable environment, one that is moderated to be as free from stress and anxiety as possible. The dangers of stress in addiction relapse have been well recorded. Professional rehab centers can help an individual to not only recuperate from addiction in a more calming environment but help them stay in touch with their occupation in a setting that permits them features to balance the stress triggered by their job.

In addition, we also provide you some terrific accompaniments to our more standard therapeutic techniques. We have a substantial property that permits wilderness encounters and team-building activities.

Our Treatment Offers Person-Centered Care

Beyond the amenities discussed above is the extremely individualized care that is offered within our program. No single rehabilitation approach will function in the same way in each person and every case will receive specific care that suits their requirements. One way that we may do this is by using Motivational Interviewing, an approach that is highly effective in allowing a person to look within to discover their own distinct drive and capability for change. This helps us to help you recognize and pursue your objectives, both within your rehabilitation and your profession.

Also, before we begin your treatment, we will administer a comprehensive assessment that will provide us a thorough look into your physical, psychological and psychological states. We will do this in a way that helps us to understand your learning style and your identity, so that we can customize your experience and treatment to be best suited towards supporting your success. If your licensure board demands that you have a substantial evaluation prior to you are admitted, call us for more information.

We’ll teach you coping and anxiety management tools, along with helping you to discover better communication skills and ways in which you can effectively and proactively deal with failure. All of these things will not just help you within your rehabilitation, but beyond as you emulate the needs of your work. We will likewise help you to learn ways to balance other aspects of your life that may have been suffering under the weight of your addiction or occupation, such as your loved ones or social responsibilities.

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Withdrawal Is Done Safely And Medically

Withdrawal from addicting drugs can be a painful and even harmful thing to do alone. At Coalition Recovery, a safe, medically-tapered withdrawal strategy will be utilized to minimize discomfort and decrease the intensity of withdrawals. In some cases, discomfort from withdrawal may be low, though some pain is likely in the majority of instances.

Our detoxification permits patients to get specialized, intensive and thoughtful care. When it comes to serious opiate addictions, we are well versed in Suboxone treatment, and will use it to help you handle symptoms of withdrawal so that you are as comfy as possible.

Helping You To Manage Co-Occurring Disorders

After the physical symptoms of withdrawal have been handled, the battle to deal with co-occurring conditions begins. In a majority of cases, underlying concerns add to the intensity of an addiction. For example, medical professionals experience a high rate of stress which may cause them to abuse sedatives to relax their nerves. Anxiety and stress and anxiety are likewise widespread within extremely demanding work. Whatever the negative influence, our professional drug rehab can help treat co-occurring conditions and assist those in recovery get their life back on track.

If left untreated, we understand that these dual diagnoses can set back your rehabilitation. There are numerous treatment elements made use of in assisting with these issues. Our expert and compassionate staff will determine which combination is best for you.

Dual diagnosis is a sort of specific treatment necessary within Coalition and vital to creating greater degrees of integration in drug abuse programs. Integration is vital to success, as one research study found. In this released work, numerous studies on drug abuse integration were examined, and the conclusion reached was telling:.

” Ten regulated research studies suggest that higher levels of integration of drug abuse and mental health services are more effective than less integration …” This means that those who are completely integrated into their rehabilitation program and who spend time in several treatment approaches are more successful than those who do not.

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Our Therapeutic Approach

Other specialized treatments, such as particular therapy techniques and behavioral adjustments, will also be used to determine the underlying issues that contribute to addiction. Identifying these concerns and finding a way to treat them simultaneously with addiction treatment can remove the occurrence of both.

We utilize dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to assist you deliberate, work and refocus towards becoming a more focused and mindful person. These therapies will likewise help you to overcome any dual diagnosis concerns.

DBT will encourage you to learn how to handle your feelings instead of pushing them within you, where they can pollute your psychological and emotional health if left unchecked. It will likewise help you to develop much better interpersonal abilities in which to aid you in your development through the difficulties of life, both professional and personal.

CBT will help you to understand how certain maladaptive behaviors and thought processes can imbalance your life and sustain an addiction. Through this treatment, you will find out how to have higher self-confidence and coping skills, two things that will considerably support you throughout both your rehabilitation and future professional endeavors.

Our mix of treatments and ability building will help an individual learn how to better balance the needs and rigors of their job against the subsequent tension and cravings that it may produce.

We Can Help You Achieve Success.

If you are interested in an executive drug rehab center, look no further, at Coalition Recovery we offer this very thing. Our Treatment For Professionals At Coalition Recovery, is a program that serves certified professionals and 30-and-over executive level corporate professionals.

This program is an outstanding choice for any professional who needs help managing their addiction. If you or somebody you love is struggling with a serious abuse issue or addiction and requires assistance, please call us at (888) 707-2873 today, so we can inform you about our program for professionals. We can assist you with any questions that you may have about insurance or funding choices. Our specialists can direct you to the treatment technique that will help you to unlock your freedom from addiction and carry you towards higher professional success.

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