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Ambetter In-Network (HMO) Provider for Addiction Treatment

Friday, November 20, 2020 | By Cooper Samp

Coalition Recovery is now an in-network provider with Ambetter from Sunshine Health. Therefore, if you are covered through Ambetter, we offer high-quality care at the lowest costs available.

If you have an out-of-network policy, you have the option to choose your treatment center, but going in-network will lessen your deductible and out-of-pocket expenses.

Ambetter Insurance

Ambetter from Sunshine Health is a brand for Health Insurance offered to residents in Florida. The Ambetter product is possessed by Centene Corporation, the parent firm of Sunshine Health. Sunshine Health obtained approval to sell Ambetter products as a Qualified Health Plan service provider on Florida’s Medical insurance Marketplace in 2013. Residents in the state can purchase Ambetter plans in three classifications: Ambetter Essential Care Bronze, Ambetter Balanced Care Silver, and Ambetter Secure Care Gold. Plan enrollees can likewise participate in Ambetter from Sunshine Health’s wellness services, including health management, care management, pharmacy, and rewards programs.

Sunshine Health started offering market health plans in 2013. Ever since, Sunshine Health has grown into one of the largest companies working with health care administrators in Florida. Sunshine Health has achieved Commendable Accreditation status from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). The provider has also been the first-place recipient of the Dorland Health’s 5th Annual Case in Point Platinum Award for its Long-term Care plan.

Like several insurance providers, Ambetter from Sunshine Health’s item offerings include EPO plans.

Whether an individual receives addiction help needed should not be divided by an individual’s capacity to finance it . Ambetter offers a range of insurance plans that include the treatment and therapy for drug and alcohol abuse.

Selecting the appropriate substance abuse treatment program can feel like an overwhelming task. Not only does an individual have to discover the treatment method that matches their requirements the most, they likewise have to figure out how to pay for the assistance they need.

What some may not recognize is that health insurance plans often consist of protection for alcohol and drug rehab programs which can help make recovery financially feasible. Ambetter insurance policy supplies several medical insurance plans that include differing degrees of coverage for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Does Ambetter Insurance Coverage Cover Alcohol And Drug Detox?

Inpatient drug and alcohol detoxification is covered through Ambetter and Sunshine Health. Depending on which Ambetter plan an individual has, they may pay anything from zero to 20 percent in coinsurance for an in-network service provider once their deductible is met.

The very first step to dealing with an addiction is helping the body to stop any kind of physical dependence on drugs or alcohol. This alcohol and drug detoxification process is commonly executed under the guidance of a clinical team, since many of the side effects of withdrawal can be unsafe.

While detoxification is the first step in treatment, it does not attend to the mental or behavioral aspects of addiction that drive an individual’s use of drugs and alcohol. Individuals typically transfer from a detox program to an inpatient rehabilitation program where they’ll discover the relapse-prevention skills necessary for lasting recovery.

Does Ambetter Insurance Cover Inpatient Rehabilitation?

Ambetter insurance policy covers inpatient rehab at in-network facilities at a selection of levels. As an example, the Ambetter Secure Care 1 (Gold Level) Plan used in Ohio has a yearly deductible of $1,000. When the insured has paid this amount, Ambetter will then cover 80 percent of in-network prices. The insured individual will be in charge of paying the remaining 20 percent after that.

The duration of inpatient rehab programs varies from program to program. While Ambetter does not put a set limit on days an individual can stay in an inpatient recovery program, the medical care medical professional might deem “clinical necessity” for additional treatment needed.

Does Ambetter Insurance Policy Cover Outpatient Rehabilitation?

Ambetter usually covers outpatient rehab programs similarly to inpatient therapy. Based on the plan, people will be required to fulfill their deductible first. Once any deductible is satisfied, if the plan requires coinsurance then the insured will be in charge of a percentage of the total cost. Nonetheless, there are some significant distinctions for certain plans that can make outpatient therapy an even more economical option.

For instance, the Ambetter Silver Balanced Care 4 plan offered in Washington has an insurance deductible of $7,050 for an individual. If a person covered under this plan checks into an inpatient rehab facility, they will pay 20 percent coinsurance once their deductible is met. Nevertheless, if they take part in an outpatient rehabilitation program, there is a $30 copay per visit and the insurance deductible does not apply. All various other outpatient services are applied to the deductible without any charge when that amount has been satisfied.

Individuals that have only recently become dependent on drugs or alcohol and/or require to preserve their job schedule or care for family while going to treatment might choose outpatient rehabilitation. These programs address addiction in the context of life, rather than requiring individuals to live in a residential facility. Outpatient programs vary from standard outpatient that ranges from once a week to once a month. Coalition Recovery also offers intensive outpatient programs where individuals can receive up to 20 hours a week of counseling and therapy. 

Does Ambetter Insurance Policy Cover Medication-Assisted Treatment?

Medication-assisted therapy is using prescription medicines in mix with behavioral therapy and counseling to enhance soberness. Suboxone (buprenorphine, naloxone) and Diskets (methadone) are two of the FDA-approved drugs used to stop withdrawal from opioids and hinder relapse.

Ambetter identifies both medications as specialized medications and may use protection under the prescription medicine part of their insurance plans. Clients might be responsible for anywhere from $0 to a 50 percent coinsurance for the price of these medicines, depending upon where the individual lives and the level of coverage their plan provides.

Group of people having breakfast at a transitional housing facility

Does Ambetter Insurance Cover Sober Living?

Sober living houses that are monitored by medical or behavioral health experts or that are approved as rehab facilities are deemed inpatient rehab. Thus, they are covered under the inpatient addiction treatment area of ambetter insurance plans. Coverage varies from 100 percent of the price once the insurance deductible is satisfied to 80 percent of the price once the insurance deductible is satisfied.

However, sober living residences that are not accredited and recognized or that do not likewise use a treatment element in addition to residential centers are not covered under any kind of Ambetter Insurance plan. Call Ambetter or the preferred sober living house to learn certain insurance coverage information.

In-Network Vs. Out-of-Network

Finding the best treatment program is usually like searching for a needle in a haystack. With numerous restorative techniques and facility locations offered, finding the program that meets an individual’s distinct demands and is likewise in-network can be a moment of relief.

” In-network” suggests the medical care center and its medical professionals have contracted with the insurance company to offer services to insured patients at an agreed-upon cost. When a person makes use of an out-of-network service provider, Ambetter insurance does not cover any kind of therapy prices, neither is the insured eligible for a price cut.

Nevertheless, if the recommended carrier seems out-of-network or in-network, the insured ought to call that treatment facility or Ambetter to validate. Rehab facilities can execute a personalized verification of benefits and assist a prospective patient navigate just how to finance the treatment they need.

How To Locate Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers That Accept Ambetter

Get In Touch With Coalition Recovery for an immediate verification of benefits. Coalition Recovery responds to inquiries about insurance policy and addiction treatment and perform a no-obligation verification of insurance benefits on your behalf. Because Coalition Recovery is an in-network provider with Ambetter and Sunshine Health, you can rest assured our program will have met the quality standards set forth by the insurer while also providing the most economical option available. 

Likewise, you can also get in touch with the insurance coverage carrier by using the telephone number on the back of the insurance policy card or by checking out the carrier’s website. An agent will have the ability to match you to an in-network drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

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