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Non 12 Step Tampa

Thursday, April 19, 2018 | By Cooper Samp

12-Step Treatment

Before we talk about a Non 12 step Tampa treatment, it might be helpful to know what 12-step treatment is first. Twelve-Step programs are one of the most popular techniques used in recovering from alcohol, drug, or behavior addictions. These programs are a form of group therapy that utilizes a stepping stone technique to reach a life of abstinence and recovery. Each step is has a particular mission to accomplish to heal the many different facets of addiction. These are as simple as learning a mindset, such as “admitting powerlessness over the addiction.” They may also have an assignment or end goal such as “contacting those who have been hurt.” The basic premise of any group therapy (including twelve-step) is achieving abstinence with the help of a social community.

The beauty of these programs is that they are free of charge and generally readily available. The programs are intended to be conveniently available for anyone who needs help and wants to get help. A significant portion of those who suffer from substance abuse have limited resources. This lack of finances could be a direct relation to their drug usage (i.e., losing a job due to drug use), the drug use could be an immediate effect of the stressors involved with low-income living, or neither. Due to the fact that many people who have substance use disorders have limited access to finances, 12-step therapies are a viable option. Not only does it help people recover from addictions, but it also helps people stay in recovery by attending meetings and assisting others through recovery and sobriety.

Non 12 Step Treatment

While 12-step programs can be successful for some people it is not necessarily the case for everyone. 12-step treatment is free and convenient, but this does not make it entirely effective. This is where Non 12-step therapy comes in. Non twelve step is precisely what it sounds like, any substance abuse therapy technique that is not 12-step based. These can be a variety of different therapy techniques.

Non 12-step treatment does not have to be a drug rehab or even costly. Some can be as simple as mindfulness techniques such as yoga or meditation. Many people may even have their own variation of the 12-step program. These type of variations are technically labeled “non-12 step therapy” because they are not exactly the 12-step. If you have not found 12-step therapy to be effective for you, be cautious of these type of “non-twelve-step therapies.”

12-step optional therapy refers to a treatment center providing the option of 12-step but does not base all of their treatment on the program. 12-step optional is precisely as it sounds – they give you the opportunity to partake, but do not force the program. Here at Coalition Recovery, we are 12-step optional. We ask our clients to attend 12-step meetings, but the basis of our treatment is entirely different.

12 Step Vs. Non 12 Step

Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to Non 12-step therapy. Think of addiction treatment just like any other health problem you might have. If you have a stomach ache for multiple days, you have a couple of options on what you can do to remedy the situation – go to a medically licensed doctor or ask someone who has gone through the same problem. If you ask a friend they may suggest what worked with them – like taking some Tums. That may help you. If it does, great, you saved some time and money. If not, you may need to seek professional help. 

This is like deciding between a 12-step approach and seeking professional clinical treatment. Going to a doctor, while it may cost money, can be much more successful than asking a someone with similar experiences. Chances are, if you have insurance that covers a medical examination, your first choice will be to go to a doctor. If your resources are limited, you may ask a friend first, see if this approach works; if the method does not work, then your final option would be to see a doctor.

Why are medical doctors more successful? Well, the doctor has been through countless training and education to be licensed and know exactly what is wrong with you and understand the proper way to treat you. The same ideology goes for a psychiatrist, therapist, or licensed mental health counselor. Here at Coalition Recovery drug rehab Tampa fl, we have all three to assess you individually. Multiple opinions by experienced personnel never hurts, right?

Non 12 Step Tampa Treatment – Coalition Recovery

The treatment here at Coalition Recovery Drug Rehab in Tampa Fl is a non-12 step program. Our treatment is entirely evidence-based psychological techniques. The techniques we use at Coalition Recovery is primarily CBT, DBT, and Positive Psychology. Along with evidence-based therapy, our Non 12-step therapy involves medically assisted treatment. Obviously, 12-step therapy on top of our treatment can only benefit an individual, which is why we suggest attending meetings; but when compared side by side, the clinical approach is significantly more effective.

Here’s a walkthrough of a typical client at Coalition Recovery. On the first day of attendance, we perform a medical assessment (both physically and psychologically) for any abnormalities. Examples of these can include a genetic history, altercations/history with medications, and diagnosis of any diseases such as mental illness. We use this initial diagnosis to assess the proper course of action. This can be varied depending on how effectively the specific treatment method is working.


If you are looking for professional Non 12-step treatment, Coalition Recovery can help. We specialize in Co-Occurring Disorders such as Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and Trauma. We believe these are the underlying issues of addiction. Addiction is the side effect of these issues or just the coping mechanism to deal with these issues. For this reason, we believe professional medical help is the most advantageous method to treat addiction. Please feel free to learn more about our Coalition Recovery non 12 step Tampa fl Treatment Model by calling us at (888) 707-2873. We can provide you with a free and confidential consultation and overview. If you have found the 12-step method unsuccessful, try our professional evidence-based medical approach.


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