Relapse Prevention Through Continuing Care

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Friday, October 19, 2018 | By Cooper Samp

Most often, individuals suffering from addiction also suffer from some manner of co-occurring disorder such as depression or anxiety. For this reason, a professional drug rehabilitation center like Coalition Recovery will offer behavioral therapies to dive deep into how an individual thinks, why they think this way, and dissect behavioral habits such as how they react to difficult situations, their instincts and outbursts. This self-awareness will lead individuals to become aware of unhealthy actions and thus learn to adapt their instinctive responses into a more productive manner. Behavioral therapy helps individuals with co-occurring disorders develop strong coping mechanisms and face stressful situations with confidence. This self-awareness and control are the building blocks of developing a strong and sober individual.

The tools learned through these behavioral therapy techniques are a good launching point, but therapy is like a plant: although the roots are stable and a flower has bloomed, it still needs to be groomed and maintained from time to time. Even after someone returns home from a substance abuse treatment center like Coalition Recovery, they should still seek out relapse prevention behavioral therapy for ongoing care. Drug and alcohol addiction is a chronic disease, meaning there is no cure. Much like diabetes, a person in recovery requires continual maintenance to stay in remission and prevent relapse.

Relapse Prevention Techniques

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a common type of behavioral therapy and individuals have most been exposed to it during their substance abuse treatment. A very common symptom of addiction to prescriptions or illicit drugs is becoming isolated. Without contact and sociability, people can develop a high risk of depression and anxiety. Treatment facilities offer group therapies as a part of their program to help develop necessary social skills and more importantly establish connections and build relationships with one another. Creating a support line outside of treatment is very important as well. Although connections within treatment are important and can last longer than treatment, it is important to have support locally as well.

Meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous offer meetings almost daily. At Coalition Recovery, we are a non-12 step program, but we do encourage attendance outside of treatment.


Renaissance Program

At Coalition Recovery, we offer a special type of continuing care program called the Renaissance Program. The heart of the program is helping our guest obtain their dream goals – usually, this means helping them get back into college or even finding a dream job. While this might not be your typical aftercare program, we feel this can be more effective than traditional means. By setting our guest up with a more fulfilling life than the one they walked in with can help boost confidence and overall mental health. Depression, anxiety, and overall daily stressors (financial, family, purpose) can lead a person back into a state of addiction. When individuals return back to their previous life, they can start to crumble from life’s pressures despite the tools learned in addiction treatment. This is why we feel The Renaissance Program is so effective, it eliminates many of the life stressors people feel when returning home.


Clinical Care

Group Therapy will help maintain social connection and The Renaissance Program will instill a better future and purpose, but ongoing clinical care will also help a person maintain their psychological help. If an individual does suffer from co-occurring disorders, it is vital they remain in outpatient care and continue to see a therapist and psychologist. Medication will need to be monitored, but psychological evaluations and progress will also need to be monitored. Group therapy will help in a cathartic sense, but a professional evaluation of progress is also important.

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