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Alexander Ronzino is the principal visionary behind the Coalition Medical Company, and Coalition Recovery center. Mr. Ronzino currently serves as Chief Executive Officer and has made it his passion to define a company voice and cultural that differs from the status-quo. As a result, the “Coalition Mission” is to innovate, advocate, and educate, both local and state institutions, and individuals, to create a new paradigm for all mental health services, placing the individual at the center of the transformative process. Beyond seeking to provide the best care in the industry, Mr. Ronzino seeks to transform the modern approach to treatment by finding new and creative ways to curb the epidemic facing our country. His drive, coupled with his ability to work across generations, has enabled him to assemble a diverse and competent team of experts in their respective fields, pushing Coalition Recovery as an established industry leader in clinical, ethical, and moral standards.

He notes personally:

“Thank you for visiting the Coalition Recovery website. They say substance abuse is an issue that crosses all socio-economic lines, it can happen to a cop or a lawyer, a construction worker or a school teacher, an inner-city kid or a college student. The unquestioning nature of who substance abuse targets has created an epidemic in this country that unfortunately most everyone can relate to – as it’s more likely now than ever, that someone you know has been effected by substance abuse. Five years ago, after again going through the process of seeing several people close to me go through treatment to no avail, I decided to take a closer look at the substance abuse treatment model in our country. What I found was a broken system, with a rapidly increasing number of individuals in need of treatment, a dismal 11% of those actually finding treatment, and an even more disheartening success rate of less than 15% in the national average. Analyzing these figures, it’s easy to see why they call substance abuse an epidemic, literally millions of people are being left to fend for themselves.

All my life, I’ve been infatuated with social entrepreneurship, and to me, this discovery served as a wake-up call – and was indicative of a true need for change. It took us two long years to develop Coalition Recovery – we’ve broken apart treatment at each level of care, to find it’s strengths and weaknesses, and created a full continuum model that truly provides the best opportunities possible for successful long term recovery. I invite you to browse our site and learn more about our clinical model, and our revolutionary after-care initiatives that create a new paradigm for how after-care is handled. No one center will solve all the issues facing our country, but it’s at the core of our DNA, that we can seek out a combined action to get companies, institutions, governments, and individuals to work together – implementing our evidence-based research and providing better care and models to the nation.

It’s with great confidence and respect that I say that Coalition Recovery is here to help you or your loved one achieve their goal of long-term recovery.”


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