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Thursday, February 20, 2020 | By Alexander Ronzino

Full of passion, Julissa is the Residential Manager for Coalition Recovery’s three sober living homes. She has built a foundation so residents can have a structured, disciplined, and tranquil environment to focus on self care in preparation for their return to the community, as a productive member of society. Discovering the impact of addiction on individuals across all demographics while working alongside doctors, nurses, and therapists in an impatient rehab setting, has given her the opportunity to further understand addiction. She is nurturing and motivational, providing clients with the life skills they need, to be successful during and after treatment. Julissa is certified in Motivational Interviewing(MI) and de-escalation techniques to assist clients in crisis. Working directly with clients, medical providers, and clinicians on comprehensive programing and setting goals to create their vision of a sober life. 


Working with a nonprofit Proceed Inc., throughout New Jersey, Julissa’s career started in 2008 with community outreach to educate and decrease the spread of HIV/AIDS. Counseling and Testing being the root focus, Julissa has made many accomplishments. Taking part in speaking engagements to raise awareness and donations to help fight the spread of HIV/AIDs in communities that are impacted most. Facilitating educational treatments groups such as “Safety Counts,” to help reduce drug use and provide tools to minimize rates of HIV/AIDS infection. Receiving CDC grants and over twenty certification between New Jersey and Florida Department of Health and Senior Services. Also, completing educational courses at Rutger University to increase knowledge and trainings to use in her efforts to help assist Minorities within the community. The use of drugs and HIV/AIDs are closely correlated, being part of implementing the study ‘Needle Exchange Program,” shed new light on addiction. This discovery redirected her focus to help people impacted by the effects of addiction.


Posing as a leader in her professional career, a single mother of two beautiful girls ages seven and thirteen, Julissa still manages to pursue further education in the medical field to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner (ARNP). This higher education will elevate her abilities in the medical field to fight addiction providing comprehensive care to populations affected by behavioral and mental health disorders. Her passion has driven her to help people experiencing the ongoing devastation of the disease of addiction. Julissa’s years of experience has help impact and save the lives of many who suffer from this disease.  

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