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Specialized Addiction Treatment for Students

College is a time of change. Young adults become independent for the first time in their lives. For many, without the restrictions and guidance they are used to, it can be difficult to stay on track. Students may be tempted to use their newfound freedom in unproductive and unhealthy ways like staying up late, staying home instead of going to class, as well as drinking and partying. College students also have greater access to drugs today than in the past. With this availability comes a greater risk of students developing addictive behaviors during their college years.

These types of actions are completely normal and understandable. The newfound independence comes with a lot of new and exciting possibilities, but with it comes great responsibility. In order to learn what these responsible actions are, we might have to learn from our actions. For instance, we might start to learn that although we are having fun partying every weekend, our grades are sacrificing at its expense. The hope is that students learn early the importance of their decisions: partying and socializing is fleeting fun but the effects of academics carry far beyond their years in college.

We’re all human, so being smart not about making only a few mistakes but learning from them. It is human nature to fall short. Sometimes these things can have severe actions, but whatever they may be, the important thing is to make an effort to learn and adapt. As long as students have the willpower for self-betterment, whatever mistakes made in their past can be used for personal growth.

A student’s time in college is pivotal to who they become as a person.  Due to the independence and separation from home, who they become as a person is influenced and significantly changes from the time they arrive on campus. Not only is their lifelong career path paved, but also their values, beliefs, and social environment; everything that makes a person unique.

College students and their experiences pose special circumstances. Therefore, treatment from substance abuse should be specialized and tailored to students in regard to their unique lifestyle. Here at Coalition Recovery, we pride ourselves on doing just that. By creating a program for college students, we have built a recovery community of like-minded individuals all with similar goals of higher-education.

If you are a college student or parent of a student, rest assured there are policies in place within each university to safely and effectively take a leave of absence for substance abuse treatment without sacrificing academics. Learn more about how this works here.


Coalition Recovery
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If you’re looking for a treatment facility for either you or a loved one- Coalition Recovery is hands down the best choice. I have never met a staff more dedicated to actual PATIENT CARE than this facility. Truly, this staff is committed to not only caring for patients in fragile physical and/or mental states but also assisting in the process of sobriety beyond the inpatient level. This is not ‘just’ a treatment center; it is the first step in a new beginning.
Carly Svetec
Carly Svetec
21:07 22 Jun 18
Wonderful! Coalition is the best of the best! The staff are not only professional, educated, and welcoming, but extremely passionate about loving and treating people who battle the disease of addiction. What makes Coaltion stand out from the rest is their aftercare program, where you'll be supported and counseled by the same staff who worked with you while you were inpatient. A "coalition" is an alliance for combined action, but this treatment facility is more than that: it's a family.
18:27 05 Nov 18
The leadership, and the members of the organization as a whole, are all true professionals. This attentive and caring staff won’t just put a band-aid on. Their approach will treat underlying causes and create positive outcomes for everyone. If you’re in the Tampa Bay Area, this is the only place to go for treatment.
Ryan Matheson
Ryan Matheson
13:24 29 Jun 18
I would be proud to recommend Coalition Recovery to close friends and family. They truly take the time to understand you specifically. They don’t force any particular program on you, so you can just use what works best for you. Thank you Coalition Recovery, I hope the best for you guys
Mary Carlton Romanski
Mary Carlton Romanski
15:20 15 Jun 18
The opportunity to go to Coalition recovery is the best gift my mother has ever given me. From the moment I walked in the front door I felt a huge weight lift and I knew that if I put in the work my life was about to improve exponentially. Every staff member that works there has a huge heart and I felt more than comfortable sharing my inner most secrets with them and asking for help and advice. They have helped me overcome extreme anxiety and depression issues, have helped grow my feeling of self worth, they have led me in the right direction to have a fulfilling life and have made me truly excited for my future. I took advantage of every opportunity they gave me. They even have a program that will get you on track to pursue a degree! I was fearful that I would never be able to succeed in college and I am thrilled to tell them about all of my successes! Dr. Val is my personal therapist and I can not say enough nice things about how she has helped me. I truly value her opinions and how she challenges me. I do not know where I would be or how I would be doing without her. If you are truly ready to change your life and willing to do the work and stay open minded Coalition will be the place that turns your life around. Every clinitian and staff member is completely dedicated and invested in my well being and I am excited to stay in contact and be one (of their many) success stories! Thank you Coalition Recovery!
Amanda Cilento
Amanda Cilento
19:55 18 Jan 19
Coalition Recovery in Tampa is an excellent addiction treatment center. I love their admissions team & clinical staff. They use evidence-based methods and create custom individualized treatment plans to provide the best care for their clients. I have referred clients here many times and they all talk about the excellent care they received by the staff at Coalition Recovery. Great work!
Lara Frazier
Lara Frazier
20:40 11 Dec 18
Coalition Recovery is a top notch drug & alcohol rehab facility! Their staff does a great job and genuinely cares for their patients. I highly recommend them to anyone struggling with substance abuse problems.
Thomas Jenkins
Thomas Jenkins
20:13 12 Feb 19
Coalition provides amazing treatment and aftercare for those struggling with addictions. The staff and executives are top notch and focus on client care first before anything else. Their approach to addiction treatment and the Renaissance program are unlike any I’ve seen. They are not solely concerned on the client remaining substance free, but also with having a high quality of living and living life to their fullest potential.
Stefanie Crain
Stefanie Crain
14:21 15 Jun 18
Top-notch treatment center! A friend of mine went to treatment here for help with his drinking problem. He tells me all the time that Coalition Recovery saved his life! It's great seeing my buddy back to his old self. Glad he found exactly what he needed at CR.
Patrick Sneed
Patrick Sneed
22:00 21 Jan 19

Commonly Abused Drugs in College

For many, the transition into college can be influential. Not only are they concerned about their academics, but there’s added pressure when meeting new people and trying new experiences. Balancing all of these new and exciting events can be hard, and for some, they may turn to drugs or alcohol to help. Students who abuse drugs and alcohol usually do so to alleviate stress; whether due to academics, peer pressure or alleviating with the social anxiety. No matter why drugs or alcohol are used, it can lead to unexpected dependence and abuse. Here are some commonly abused drugs during college.


  College students abuse alcohol more than any other substance. College students are also more likely than non-college students to drink excessively and more often, making it easier to develop dependence. Once dependency has developed, coming off of alcohol can be extremely dangerous. The detox process from alcohol can take up to a week.


  Countless college students use stimulants like Adderall as a study aid. Few realize the addictive nature of the drug or the consequences of quitting the drug. Heavy users may experience insomnia and fever when trying to quit. 9.9 percent of college students reported past-year use of Adderall compared to 6.2% of their non-college peers.


  Though often touted as a non-habit-forming drug on campus, ecstasy is addictive and can cause permanent health damage. College students giving up ecstasy often experience insomnia and depression as the brain tries to compensate for dealing without the drug. Treatment for ecstasy addiction often includes a supervised detox.


  Benzos, such as Valium and Xanax, are some of the most dangerous drugs to quit because benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms can be deadly. Students with anxiety are likely to abuse benzos to relieve the stress and pressure of college life. Heavy benzo users may experience hallucinations and seizures if they quit without medical detox.

Collegiate Addiction Treatment

By creating an environment of like-minded individuals all striving for a common goal of higher education, we create a treatment program that builds a cohesive path and community towards recovery. We help heal students, but we also help them develop healthy and effective techniques to use while on campus. While much of the therapies we utilize extend far beyond college life, we can help narrow in on specific experiences and situations common in college.  Treatment for substance use disorders takes a variety of approaches from medications, evidence-based psychotherapies, group therapies, and holistic therapies. Through these techniques, we hope to heal the entire person: mind, body, and spirit. 


Coalition Recovery offers dual-diagnosis, meaning we are able to handle co-occurring disorders or two mental health disorders occurring at the same time. A large majority of college students use alcohol and drugs to cope with the constant stressors faced in school. Sometimes, these stressors can be a part of a larger problem like anxiety or depression. By treating both the substance use disorder alongside other mental health issues like depression, anxiety, or trauma, we are able to fully treat the student as a whole. Without the proper treatment of these common mental health concerns, you cannot fully treat addiction. 


A common mental health concern for many college students is anxiety, depression, and ADHD. Students will be able to meet regularly with our psychiatrist, Dr. Barnett. Dr. Barnett is Board-Certified in Addiction, General, Forensic & Geriatric Psychiatry. She has years of experience working with adolescents and young adults. She will be able to map out each student’s biopsychosocial attributes to determine if medication is necessary. Understanding the nature of addiction, she can prescribe medications that will not only help them with their mental health but provide medication options that are non-abusive.

Evidence-Based Therapies with Therapists

College students often face different kinds of stressors than they are used to. These can range from academic stress to social stress. Evidence-based therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helps people develop healthier ways to cope with stress by reframing their thinking into a more productive manner.  Students will also meet regularly with their respected therapist for private individualized sessions. It is during these sessions that our therapists can dig deep into understanding who they are, what makes them tick, and the necessary process to help them overcome their addiction. It is through evidence-based therapies like CBT that truly help build confidence and self-resilience for long-term success. 

College Specific Addiction Education

College life brings unique events and circumstances with regard to addiction and recovery. By not only teaching addiction education but specifically to the college experience, students can learn and relate to specific events and experiences to help them on their journey of recovery through college and beyond. 

Student Lead Group Sessions

Group therapy sessions are an important part of our treatment program. These sessions help students build appropriate and healthy social skills. Through these group therapy sessions, students are able to connect and relate to others who share similar experiences. Because our student rehab program encompasses many individuals with similar ambitions, these sessions are extremely productive in relation to educational experiences and goals. 

Holistic Therapies

Examples of holistic therapies utilized at Coalition involve meditation, yoga, art therapy, and music therapy. These types of therapies alone are not sufficient to treat substance use disorder, but the goal of these therapies is to heal the spirit. These therapies are very well received by students because it gives them a tool to help them come to peace on their own. Used alongside evidence-based therapies, holistic therapies can be a polishing edge to substance abuse treatment. 

Renaissance Program

The Renaissance Program is our aftercare initiative specifically designed for current and future students. Our educational coaches help each student create a structured program to help them accomplish their goals all while in treatment. The Renaissance program is designed for current students to help them further their resources as well as future students to help them obtain admission. Whether you are seeking a G.E.D., technical college, vocational schooling, or a 4-year-university, the Renaissance program can be a vital resource for you.

Future Students

  We believe higher education can be a catalyst for long-term success. Therefore, our education coaches continually support and advocate for higher education opportunities. A part of treatment is aligning one’s goals and aspirations. We help people find what they are passionate about and later align those interests with realistic career goals. Through this method, we have found that people are more willing and naturally excited to pursue education. This enthusiasm is an important facet in staying focused and motivated while attending school.

We understand the logistics of college can be a bit intimidating, but the job of our educational coaches is to help make this entire process manageable. Our team can help each student with the various aspects of applying for college. These types of things can include:

  • Narrowing an objective
  • Establishing the most appropriate medium for higher education  (Ex: vocational school vs. 4-year university)
  • Researching the right school
  • Application Process
  • Financial Aid Process
  • Housing (specifically sober housing)
  • Career Coaching (resume building, job applications, interview techniques, etc)

Current Students

How to Attend Treatment While In College

Many of the resources and guidance we offer help current students as well. Our treatment program sets people up for success, but we do not stop once students leave our facility. Our Renaissance Program provides an abundance of resources for students while on campus. These resources help create a healthy and sober environment during recovery on campus.

Continuing Clinical Care

At Coalition Recovery, we offer outpatient care that can extend clinical care far beyond the treatment program, but we understand our care may not be accessible to everyone. This is why we help bridge the clinical gap by communicating with therapists on campus or in your respected area. This way, clinical care can continue all while you are receiving your education.

Collegiate Recovery Communities (CRCs)

Many colleges are known for their “party culture”, making it hard to meet people who share sober values. CRCs create a community of like-minded individuals all looking to attend college clean and sober. Through collegiate recovery communities, students can not only meet other individuals with similar goals, but these groups also plan events and social functions that do not rely on drugs and alcohol. CRCs are a great way for sober students to meet other students, create a healthy social group, and keep their recovery on track by creating an accountable network.  


Drug and alcohol abuse rates are naturally higher in college. This is due to the fact that young adults reach an age of independence and freedom. Therefore this time is typically used for trying out new and exciting experiences. Unfortunately, these new experiences often involve drinking and using drugs.

Here at Coalition Recovery, we have made it our mission to help anyone who is willing to receive help for their substance use disorders. While we are open to treating anyone, our treatment program and team are specialized to help students of any age. By focusing on a student population – we have created a truly unique treatment environment tailored to help students live a life of recovery and provide them with the necessary tools to stay sober during these risky years.

If you are a parent, student, or have goals to be a future student; call Coalition Recovery today. Our representatives can walk you through our treatment program as well as the Renaissance Program to find out if it would be a good fit. Our representatives are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have. By promoting a person’s strengths and passions, we can help drive purpose – building one of the major pillars for long-lasting sobriety. Call Today!        

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