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Our programs represent the full continuum of treatment available – Detox, PHP, IOP and Outpatient Care.
Obligations and life can make addiction treatment seem hopeless. That is why we work with you individually to develop a program that works specifically for you. Let us start working on your program today!

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Our Therapies

Drug & Alcohol addiction affects a variety of aspects in a person’s life.
Our therapies are designed to rehabilitate these aspects. Our psychotherapies and holistic approaches are combined to build a strong mind, body, and spirit. Treating addiction is half the battle, we teach the self-efficacy to stay clean.

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The overlooked key to a successful long-term recovery.
The Renaissance program is one of the only aftercare programs in the nation to extend addiction treatment for years. While our programs help you get clean and stay clean, these aftercare programs foster a better life altogether!

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Insurances Accepted

Why Coalition Recovery?

State Licensed. Nationally Accredited.

What if treatment went further? Instead of just focusing on one drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment model, we utilized every tool in the box - not just the most popular ones but the most advanced as well. The treatment model here at Coalition Recovery has been analyzed in every aspect possible to provide our clients with the best chance towards long-term recovery. Leading our model is how we treat addiction. We offer a variety of different behavioral health therapy techniques – from yoga, meditation, massage, group, Amino Acid, and MAT among others – but the core of our treatment lies in our one-on-one clinical therapy. It is during this therapy that we work with you to find the source of your substance abuse – whether it be stress, trauma, anxiety, depression or any other co-occurring disorder. Within the first day of arrival, our clients go through a detailed medical screening with a psychiatrist, physician, and therapist to establish the best course of action for their individualized treatment. We attempt to use every tool for success, so if medication is deemed necessary, we will accommodate.

Apart from our clinical treatment, we help set our clients up for success after their drug abuse treatment. Unfortunately, when people leave most addiction recovery treatment centers, they are immersed back into the same environment that led to their addiction in the first place. Our case management, including The Renaissance Program, allows our clients to obtain the career or education of their dreams all while in alcohol and drug addiction treatment. We not only facilitate this process, but we also offer resources and tools to create a seamless transition into sober life. Treatment of substance abuse is only half of the battle. Learning to have a healthier and more enjoyable experience while sober creates improved chances towards success.

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Learn How Coalition Recovery Can Help You

Addiction treatment is just the beginning of your recovery. At Coalition Recovery, you can count on us to stay by your side for years to come. We can give you the necessary tools and resources to not only get you clean but more importantly, the knowledge necessary to stay clean.

Our treatment program offers the full continuum of care. No matter what life obligations you may have, we can create an individualized treatment program that works for you! We even offer specific behavioral therapy programs for working adults, college students, LGBTQ, and military!

Learn how Coalition Recovery Addiction Rehab Center can help you conquer your addiction and get your life back on track. Call today for a free and confidential assessment!

  • Tampa Drug Addiction Rehab

    Our Psychological therapy goes beyond the 12-step program and dives deep into you personally to find the root cause of your substance abuse problem. Along with our individualized therapy sessions, our drug rehab in Tampa offers a variety of other therapies to heal every aspect of a person – Mind, Body, and Spirit.


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  • Alcohol Rehab

    With the Alcohol Use Disorder effecting 15.1 million Americans, you are not alone. We make it an effort to treat anyone who needs help. No matter your life obligations, we have a program to fit your needs.  With us, you don’t have to choose.
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  • Holistic Recovery Program

    The thought behind holistic substance abuse treatment is that it can provide more comprehensive treatment to individuals who suffer from chemical and behavioral dependency. We heal the mind, body, and spirit. These holistic treatments are able to account for the number of components to spiritual healing clinical and psychotherapeutic models can’t.  We offer a comprehensive holistic treatment program.
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  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment

    During the initial assessment, you meet with our clinical psychologist and board-certified addiction psychiatrist. Here we are able to determine if there are co-occurring disorders or a mental illness coinciding with the substance abuse. It is very common for these problems to exist alongside substance abuse. These illnesses can be the product of chronic substance abuse or the abuse could be a coping mechanism for the illness itself. In either case, to fully treat the substance use disorder, we must treat both individually.
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  • Intensive Outpatient Program

    The ultimate goal of an intensive outpatient program is to afford patients with an inpatient-like level of treatment intensity without sacrificing the flexibility that’s a traditional feature of outpatient care. In an intensive outpatient program, patients may attend treatments as many as five days per week for several hours per day. Even though this still represents a substantial time commitment, there’s still some flexibility with regard to the times at which an individual can participate in these treatments, making it possible for patients to continue fulfilling their responsibilities and obligations while in alcohol or drug rehab.
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  • Detox Services

    The purpose of detox is to help individuals overcome physical dependency while ensuring their safety during the process and minimizing the amount of discomfort that they might experience in the form of withdrawal symptoms.
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  • Intervention

    For those who have an addicted loved one, hope is not lost. Research tends to disagree on the precise success rate of drug interventions, but it’s estimated that the outcome of an intervention is an individual accepting help by enrolling in a recovery program approximately 90 percent of the time. For this reason, an intervention can be a great solution for families and loved ones who have insofar been unable to convince someone suffering from drug addiction to seek treatment.
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  • If you’re looking for a treatment facility for either you or a loved one- Coalition Recovery is hands down the best choice. I have never met a staff more dedicated to actual PATIENT CARE than this facility. Truly, this staff is committed to not only caring for patients in fragile physical and/or mental states but also assisting in the process of sobriety beyond the inpatient level. This is not ‘just’ a treatment center; it is the first step in a new beginning.

    Carly S.
  • Had a family member go through this program. She was constantly trying to run and probably relapse, but this staff was EXCEPTIONAL in keeping her safe and sound. She’s still sober now just about 60 days later!

    Ross T.
  • My journey through substance abuse and into sobriety, like everyone’s experience with recovery, is unique. I am 28 years old with a college degree, a loving family, and a full-time job and I hid my alcoholism from the world around me fairly well. Unfortunately, severe anxiety and depression crippled me and my addiction was running my life. Simply put, I had to be drunk in order to function in any capacity or to engage in any kind of conversation. My problems with alcohol landed me into a legal situation where my trip to Coalition was offered in lieu of a prison sentence, but going there was one of the greatest decisions and opportunities I have ever ran across. Coalition’s program looked past my most recent DUI and difficulties with the substance itself, and instead sought to get to the root of my problem and attack my social anxiety head-on. Considering I came into the program with some clean time under my belt, I was thrilled to not be thrown into another program with a remedial curriculum on the dangers of alcohol consumption as I have seen in some state-run outpatient programs in the past. Mr. Armstrong, the clinical director, was excited and eager to discuss my exact situation with me and to engage in topics that interested both of us. We spent a lot of time talking about philosophy and spirituality, and relating deep conversations back to individual recovery. Both individual and group sessions always evolved into powerful and inspirational conversations, and dialogue was never sparse or monotonous. Through the program practical solutions to very real problems were discussed as well, and things I enjoyed doing like reading and writing were encouraged in my own treatment plan for recovery. This individual plan was reinforced by relationships built with the accommodating and caring staff at the facility. All of the behavioral health techs, the program director, and the other therapists were eager to build relationships and help out in all things recovery. In my journey, I am coming up on 5 months of sobriety, and Coalition has been a tremendous help in my recovery. I opened this review stating that everyone’s own recovery is unique, and above all else, Coalition understands that. I am an alcoholic, but my program dealt with me, not just the booze. Coalition seemed to value the individual and their needs as opposed to talking about the specific substance being abused. If anyone is interested in pursuing recovery, I can’t recommend this program enough. My recovery is so much more than abstinence from alcohol, it is about reclaiming my connection to the world around me and building myself up in kindness, compassion, and empathy. Of course, abstinence is a part of this, and my sobriety is the most valued thing in my life right now, but what Coalition helped me achieve is a coherent understanding of why I am sober, and who I can be in this life of recovery. I am excited to continue to build relationships with those who helped me, and to help others along the way, and I am grateful to the program for helping me in my journey.

    Joel B
  • Coalition Recovery helped save my life!

    John B

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