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Our Programs

Our programs represent the full continuum of treatment currently available.
Detox, PHP, IOP and Outpatient Care.
No matter what type of substance abuse disorder you may have or what level of care you require - we have a program for you.
Our individualized programs are uniquely planned around you or your loved one.

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Our Therapies

Drug & alcohol addiction affects virtually every aspect of a person’s life.
Our therapies are designed to rehabilitate these aspects by building a strong mind, body, and spirit. There is no one-cure-all for addiction. Our holistic therapies take place throughout your treatment.

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The overlooked key to a successful long term recovery.
Beyond developing life skills while in treatment, Coalition Recovery's Renaissance program is one of the only after care programs in the nation to extend care for many years.

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Insurances Accepted

Why Coalition Recovery?

Coalition The Coalition Mission is to innovate, advocate and educate. We seek to radically innovate what has become the common treatment model in the United States, coming up with new creative solutions to the problems facing our country, effectively shifting treatment standards beyond the status-quo. We seek to advocate to individuals, institutions, and companies on how they play their part in curbing this epidemic. We seek to educate society about the resources available to them, and how they can effectively be used in cost-efficient ways. We believe higher education, in all capacities, can serve as a catalyst for long-term recovery and is a hallmark of our After-Care. Above all it is our mission to create a new paradigm for all mental health services, placing the individual at the center of the transformative process.

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Learn How Coalition Recovery Can Help You

College Student, Executive, Athlete or Working Adult working towards effective long-term recovery? At Coalition Recovery, you can count on us to stay by your side for years to come after treatment. Everyone who goes through our program is family, and family never gets left behind. Your continued success after graduating is our number one priority, which is why we have created a large circle of support and lasting relationships to help you along this journey. Individual, Group, and Family Therapy are all part of the process.

  • Drug Addiction Rehab

    Many people attempt to conquer their addiction on their own but are unsuccessful, eventually resigning themselves to remain in active addiction indefinitely. An individual’s success largely depends on the level of support that he or she is given, making programs such as ours crucial. From the time you walk through our doors to your graduation, the staff at Coalition Recovery is thoroughly invested in your successful recovery.
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  • Alcohol Rehab

    With the Alcohol Use Disorder effecting 15.1 Americans, you are not alone. We make it an effort to treat anyone who needs help. No matter your life obligations, we have a program to fit your needs.  With us, you don’t have to choose.
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  • Holistic Recovery Program

    The thought behind holistic substance abuse treatment is that it can provide more comprehensive treatment to individuals who suffer from chemical and behavioral dependency. We heal the mind, body, and spirit. These holistic treatments are able to account for the number of components to spiritual healing clinical and psychotherapeutic models can’t.  We offer a comprehensive holistic treatment program.
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  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment

    More often than not, there is usually some type of correlation or relationship between the two disorders. The most obvious way to determine if there is a relationship between the two disorders is to track the symptoms of each disorder over time; if the symptoms of both illnesses seem to be on similar trajectories — in other words, symptoms seem to increase and decrease in similar patterns — it would seem that the two disorders are either related, meaning that the development or existence of one somehow contributed to the development of the other, or the two disorders are derived from a common source.
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  • Intensive Outpatient Program

    The ultimate goal of an intensive outpatient program is to afford patients with an inpatient-like level of treatment intensity without sacrificing the flexibility that’s a traditional feature of outpatient care. In an intensive outpatient program, patients may attend treatments as many as five days per week for several hours per day. Even though this still represents a substantial time commitment, there’s still some flexibility with regard to the times at which an individual can participate in these treatments, making it possible for patients to continue fulfilling their responsibilities and obligations while in alcohol or drug rehab.
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  • Detox Services

    The purpose of inpatient detox is to help individuals overcome physical dependency while ensuring their safety during the process and minimizing the amount of discomfort that they might experience in the form of withdrawal symptoms.
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  • Intervention

    For those who have an addicted loved one, hope is not lost. Research tends to disagree on the precise success rate of drug interventions, but it’s estimated that the outcome of an intervention is an individual accepting help by enrolling in a recovery program approximately 90 percent of the time. For this reason, an intervention can be a great solution for families and loved ones who have insofar been unable to convince someone suffering from drug addiction to seek treatment.
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