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What is Sober Living?

Sober living – also known as a recovery residence or halfway house – is a way for individuals in early recovery to live together. Sober houses are meant to be a controlled environment without the temptations of drugs or alcohol. By living with others in recovery, an individual is not only residing in a safe place but also surrounded by a like-minded community with a common goal of life-long sobriety.

The Problem With Early Recovery

Too often people leave treatment and return back to their home. This can cause a lot of unforeseen problems. Most likely, this living space is filled with memories and experiences of a time when drinking or using. This can lead to unfavorable feelings that can be a trigger for many people. Furthermore, chances are the person’s living area is the same as when the person left to attend their treatment program, meaning drugs, alcohol, and paraphernalia can still be lingering creating more temptations to use. This poses a significant problem because a person in early recovery is in their most vulnerable stage of recovery despite completing treatment.

When a person in early recovery is immersed into the unstructured world outside of treatment, they are in their most vulnerable state. This is why a “step-down” approach is always best. In short, a “step-down” approach slowly transitions an individual into their normal everyday life through phases. So, instead of leaving a highly structured environment of treatment into a highly unstructured environment of normal life, individuals are encouraged to attend at least some form of therapy and group meetings multiple times per week. Sober living is an extra safeguard in a person’s recovery.

Advantages of Sober Living

A sober living residence is essentially a controlled environment safe from anyone and anything that might place someone back into using. Living with other individuals in recovery has its advantages. The residents are able to talk freely with each other about their feelings, experiences with someone else who shares their knowledge and experiences. Not to say that families can’t be supportive, but for someone in recovery, it is comforting to know the people you are living with understand the life of recovery.

The community of a sober residence will often attend drug-free events, cook meals, and attend group therapy meetings nightly. Through continual support and accountability from his or her peers, this sober community makes it easier for someone to continue on the path of recovery.

What Sober Living Looks Like

A day at a sober living residence is very similar to normal everyday living. Individuals are responsible for making their own food, cleaning, and of course, having fun. Unlike treatment and some strict sober living facilities, residents are free to come and go as they please (although may have to sign in and out).

The difference from a normal house vs. a sober living house is that the latter employs a behavioral technician trained in mental health management and first aid. This technician is responsible for maintaining order throughout the residence and ensuring everyone is abiding by the rules and requirements of the house. Yes, there are requirements to live in almost all recovery residences. We will go into what those stipulations are in the next section.

Sober Living Through Coalition Recovery

If you are looking for a sober living facility in Tampa, Fl, Coalition Recovery can help. We have multiple recovery residences throughout Tampa Bay to help any individual who wishes to live in the Hillsborough area a chance to live free from substance abuse distractions. Our houses offer modern upgrades throughout and countless amenities. Some amenities include:

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FARR Accredited

Coalition Recovery Sober Living is also state accredited by the Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR). Through this FARR certification, we can ensure anyone who wishes to be a part of our recovery community that our houses live up to the highest standards promoting the highest possible care towards recovery.

MAT Friendly

Additionally, unlike many sober recovery facilities in the area, we accept participants of medication assisted treatment (MAT). Therefore, if you are currently prescribed medications for mental health or substance use disorder (Suboxone, Subutex, Vivitrol, Naltrexone), you are more than welcome to join our residence!

Sober Living for Men or Women in Tampa, Fl

Coalition Recovery’s sober living facilities are mixed-sex meaning we provide specific housing for both females and males. Therefore, if you are looking for a sober living for men, we can help. If you are looking for sober living for women only, we can help you too. If you happen to be looking for a sober living for both males and females living together, we do not have this option.

Requirements to Life in a Sober Living House

Each of these requirements are for the purpose to foster and support each individual’s recovery. These types of things help promote stability and accountability: two very crucial values in recovery - especially important in the early stages. Requirements can range depending on the specific sober living but at our residences at Coalition Recovery, we require this:

Who Are Recovery Residences For?

Anyone in active substance abuse recovery! Plain and simple. It does not matter how short or long you’ve been in recovery for - sober living is open to everyone who has the drive towards a substance-free life.

Sober living is especially convenient for young adults. Often times, students in recovery find sober living extremely useful. It allows them to find other students in recovery which can help separate themselves from the popular party culture around campus.

Those in Early Recovery

Sober Housing is primarily intended for individuals in early recovery - especially those transitioning out of treatment. Too often, the transition from treatment to normal life can be abrupt. Imagine going from a highly controlled environment, therapy 5 days a week, and surrounded by a supporting community to none of that; in one day. That can be rough. Thankfully this is why sober living facilities exist. Individuals may not have therapy as often as they used to, but they are in a controlled environment

How to Apply

Are you interested in living in one of our sober living facilities? Call today to talk to one of our representatives. They can help you find the right house to fit your needs.

Give your recovery the best chance of success by surrounding yourself with healthy and like-minded people like yourself!

For information regarding pricing or our financial hardship program, please call 888-707-2873.

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