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Renaissance & Aftercare

When considering addiction treatment centers, it is important to understand the value of aftercare.

What is Aftercare?

The goal of Coalition Recovery is to help restore people's lives through recovery. But, when looking at the stages of recovery, treatment is only the start. Think of a race for a second. Most people participating in the race have been training and practicing for awhile, if not, they most likely won't succeed. Think of recovery like a race and treatment is the training for that race. While some people are naturally talented and somehow do place without even training, the majority of us perform better with guidance, especially expert guidance.

But what happens after the gun is fired? You can be expertly trained, but as long as you don’t have smooth pavement, shoes, or people cheering you on, the race is just as difficult as no training at all. The most important part of recovery is often missed - aftercare - the moment after.

Aftercare is the care received after treatment. During treatment, the individual has been educated on how their addiction affects them and how to deal with it by learning to live through sobriety. Aftercare, on the other hand, is the building of a clean environment post-treatment. The goal is to prevent the same environment that led to addiction in the first place. These types of things can include:

  • Connecting and educating family and friends

  • Providing sober housing

  • Linking local clinical care

  • Providing sober resources such as regional AA or NA meetings

  • Job Preparation (How to dress, write a resume, apply for jobs)

Aftercare can cost treatment centers a troublesome amount of time and resources, but at Coalition Recovery, we value its importance and view it as a large factor in long-term recovery. On top of these aftercare resources, we have pioneered an entirely new entity to aftercare - The Renaissance Program. The Renaissance Program helps our clients prepare for their career goals or obtain a higher education. Not only will we guide you through the multifaceted application process, we will create for you a clean environment while in attendance. The Renaissance Program is an all-encompassing program designed to help those with substance abuse pursue a better life through education and life-management.

The Renaissance Program

Substance abuse is known to take over lives, and in effect can lead to a downward spiral towards self-resentment. The Renaissance Program is our helping hand to carry those from out of the dark out into a new and better life. Higher Education or a new job can be a stepping stone which helps individuals achieve goals they may never have thought possible. We springboard them onto this stepping stone by making the entire process simple and manageable while also ensuring they are equipped with the right resources to attend college or their new career cleanly, without any distractions or worry of relapse. We do this all alongside treatment.

How it Works

Be it is finding a right job, higher education opportunities, vocational schools, or our Alumni support network - our Renaissance Program was designed to create a total personal transformation, and help equip our patients with resources and opportunities.

We don't limit The Renaissance Program to just students. Many of the resources we provide are useful for everyday life goals such as job exploration and preparation. Our case managers will help you with any goal you seek, educational or professional.

We understand that everyone’s situation is unique, and much like our individualized clinical treatment, our Renaissance program has many different starting points. Whether you were already admitted to a University and were removed due to substance abuse issues, or you never received a high school diploma - we will help you get on track to higher education. We create clearly defined benchmarks and pathways to help you accomplish your goals. Alongside admission, we provide clinical support and an ever engaging community to support you. From the start of your 90-day treatment, our Renaissance case managers work with you to begin laying the groundwork for your pursuit of higher education. Due to our Collegiate Recovery Communities, The Renaissance Program is applicable to any aspiring students - enrolled or not.

Collegiate Recovery Communities

Collegiate Recovery Communities (or CRC’s) bridges together college students who are going through recovery. College is a very challenging time for those in recovery because it creates many environments that are prone to push towards relapse. Creating a culture of like-minded individuals who understand what it is like to go through recovery builds a safe and supportive environment for these students. CRC’s can provide students with advising and counseling from specialists who understand the recovery process. These programs can also provide areas around campus where students can socialize and host support group meetings. Students are then able to surround themselves with the resources and people needed to participate in college without pressures of alcohol and drug use. To be eligible to participate in these programs, some schools may require a successful completion of a treatment program. Most schools just require participating in group meetings and community service projects, along with the willingness to abstain from alcohol and drug use.

While CRCs have existed for years, it wasn’t until the Renaissance program was created that a treatment provider connected the two vital resources. The structured pathways created by our program enable gaps in care to be bridged and a truly connect you to the resources available. We guide you through the admissions process, move to college, and connect directly with the counselors and student population to provide a seamless transition into your new life.

Unique Pathways

High School Diploma / G.E.D-
The first step towards higher education is obtaining your G.E.D. Coalition and its partners provide weekly classes beginning during your last 30 days of treatment so you’re equipped with the information you need to pass the exam. Our case managers work with you to coordinate with work, family, and community so you’re in the best state possible to succeed. As always - the classes and support, are completely free.

State Colleges -
The Associates of Arts degree is often the next step in the quest for higher education. We work with you to gain admission to many state and community colleges. Once admitted, we provide ongoing support and contact to enable you to have the highest chance of success. Once your AA is obtained, we work to provide you with “Direct-Connect” to Universities or help you apply to other universities. We also help you navigate the various financial restrictions/barriers to entry and help you to overcome them by educating you about all your possible options so you are able to make the best decision for your unique situation.

Alternative Paths - Vocational Schools
Everyone's path is unique, many may not have the time and resources to attend a university college. Vocational schools help develop the necessary skills to obtain a more valuable occupation while being able to work around a normal lifestyle. This alone can be an invaluable step to long-term recovery - so Coalition Recovery partners with many different trade schools to make the next step something worth being excited about. Programs include HVAC, Automotive, Plumbing, Aviation, Electrician and more.

The Hallmark of the Renaissance Program - University Admission

Coalition Recovery leads the advocacy movement among leading U.S. Universities for the community. University admission represents the pinnacle of what we try to accomplish through the Renaissance program. A bachelor's degree serves as a strong foundation to a redefined self-image, financially and a stable future creating endless opportunities. We help to create a clearly defined path, with benchmarks and goals, for admissions to leading universities.

Our partnerships allow extensive on-campus resources, such as ongoing psychiatric care, counseling and support networks/groups & community.

These resources enable clients to enter a community of like-minded individuals in long-term recovery. With set structures in place for weekly programming, the Renaissance program along with its affiliates creates an ideal supportive college community for those in recovery. You may have a group study session followed by an AA meeting, and ending with a programmed sober social event. The experience will be a natural step towards long-term recovery while obtaining a degree and building a self-image stronger than ever.

Ongoing Support

Aftercare is only aftercare if you actually receive care after!
Coalition believes that our connection to you doesn’t conclude when you leave our 90-day program. Throughout all the various aspects of the Renaissance program, you’ll find resources, community, and advocacy on your behalf from the Coalition Renaissance case managers, and the entire Coalition family.

Continued Therapy - We connect with the clinicians at your respective institutions and work together to create a continuum of care, with someone who understands your situation. This means you're not starting from scratch, and your care continues for years to come.

Community in your new life - you’re not the only one going through the Renaissance program - meaning you’ll know people in each stage of the various programs within renaissance. Support networks and groups are vital to keeping you accountable and feeling connected to your long-term recovery.

Resources - Renaissance program case managers will work with you to educate you on all the resources available at your disposal - financial aid, healthcare, affordable housing, sober housing, and more.


Coalition leads the advocacy movement among all aspects of higher education in order to change the way institutions, companies, and society play their part in curbing substance abuse for true long-term recovery.

We are constantly meeting with leaders of top U.S. universities to allow felony leniency in instances of admissions for individuals in recovery attempting to gain admission.

For more information on our Renaissance Program, check out our blog HERE !

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