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In spite of the ongoing heroin epidemic and numerous prescription opioids that continue to be a problem, alcohol remains the number one most-abused substance with the highest rates of addiction and deaths. In terms of addiction, alcohol use disorder (AUD) is still plaguing our country at alarming rates. We know that this type of substance abuse affects more than the individual. We are proud of our alcohol treatment program and hope to expand it throughout the treatment industry in an effort to combat this national issue better.

If you’re looking for a Tampa alcohol rehab, Coalition Recovery is a new facility that offers high-quality outpatient treatment for individuals who suffer from alcoholism and alcohol abuse disorders. Lead by a team of professionals who have extensive experience with treating alcohol addiction and are personally invested in each patient’s success. Ours is a 90-day program that has been specifically designed to provide you or your loved one with all the tools necessary to achieve stable, long-lasting sobriety.

What Exactly is “Outpatient” Care?

Most people assume that an addiction treatment program must be residential or an inpatient form of care to be effective. In essence, an inpatient program is a form of rehabilitative treatment wherein the patient takes up temporary residence in the treatment facility, allowing him or her to spend as much time in active treatment as possible. Many inpatient programs see patients participating in several hours of treatment every single day, but the issue with inpatient care is that it often requires such a commitment of one’s time and energy that it makes inpatient care infeasible. In other words, many individuals who are in need of alcohol rehab resign themselves to remaining in active addiction due to being unable to completely withdraw from their lives for an extended period of time.

Coalition Recovery is an alcohol rehab center in Tampa that offers outpatient care for individuals who suffer from alcohol dependency and addiction. While some might assume an outpatient program would be inferior to inpatient care, we have designed our outpatient alcohol rehab program in such a way as to provide an inpatient-like level of care while affording patients with the flexibility and accessibility of traditional outpatient treatment. In short, Coalition Recovery offers the best of both worlds. Since our patients continue to live at their homes while completing treatment, they’re able to continue fulfilling their obligations and responsibilities, whether that includes a career, familial duties, or a variety of other things that would be prohibitive to inpatient care.

Tampa’s Most Comprehensive Alcohol Rehab Program

Much like alcoholism itself, recovery from alcoholism is greatly misunderstood by the general public. For instance, a common misconception is that the recovery process is the same for everyone, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, the journey from active alcoholism to long-lasting recovery is unique for each individual just as the journey into active alcoholism varies for each of our patients. Since no two people have the same recovery needs, Coalition Recovery offers a well-rounded, comprehensive program that can be tailored to even the most unique needs and preferences.

In addition to having a strong foundation in psychotherapy and counseling, our alcohol rehabilitation program incorporates many of the most widely-used holistic therapies known to be beneficial to the recovery process, including yoga and acupuncture. Moreover, patients will have ample opportunities to participate in a number of group therapy sessions and process groups. There are some important benefits to these group-based activities, including having the opportunity to establish healthy and supportive relationships with peers. Patients relearn how to socialize with others while free from the influence of alcohol or other mind-altering substances.

Take Back Your Life at Coalition Recovery

At Coalition Recovery, we have made it our mission to help individuals suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction to regain their independence. Between our unique 90-day curriculum and an experienced and personable staff, Coalition Recovery can provide all the tools that your or your loved one needs to return to a life of health, sobriety, and happiness. If you would like to learn more about our 90-day alcohol rehab or for more information about the treatments or other services we offer, call Coalition Recovery today.

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