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Drug addiction is a serious mental illness and brain disorder that affects virtually every facet of a person’s life. Of course, we often associate drug addiction with behavior, particularly as many people who suffer from addiction must often go to great lengths to support their drug habits. Unfortunately, drug addiction results in profound deterioration of one’s physical and psychological health, damage to important relationships, loss of many opportunities, and numerous other effects.

That’s where we come in. Coalition Recovery is the premier drug rehab Tampa has to offer. Offering the highest quality treatments as part of a customizable recovery curriculum. If you’ve been looking for a facility that’s distinct from most other Tampa drug rehab centers, Coalition Recovery provides the type of rehabilitation experience that’s effective and yields real results. Whether you’ve developed a problem with cocaine, heroin, prescription painkillers, benzodiazepines, hallucinogens, or any other substance, we can help you begin your transformation to regain sobriety and become your best self.

A 90-Day Program For Everyone

When it comes to recovery, not everyone has the same needs. Although we most often associate addiction treatment with inpatient care, the reality is that not everyone is able to drop everything and go to a residential rehab center for several months or more. On the other hand, outpatient programs have had a reputation for being less effective than inpatient programs due to not separating individuals in recovery from their home environments and due to perceptions of there being less time spent in treatment. At Coalition Recovery, we’ve realized that the proverbial sweet spot is somewhere in between, offering outpatient and intensive outpatient drug addiction treatment.

Supporting Your Unique Recovery Journey

No matter the drug to which a person has become addicted, it’s not easy to get sober. Many people try to get sober on their own and are unsuccessful, eventually resigning themselves to remain in active addiction indefinitely. What they don’t often realize is that an individual’s success in recovery depends largely on the level of support that he or she is given, making programs such as ours even more important.
From the time you walk in the door on the first day of treatment to your graduation from our program, the staff at Coalition Recovery is thoroughly invested in your success throughout the rehabilitation process. One of the top causes of relapse after treatment is the failure of an individual’s recovery needs to be met, so identifying and addressing your needs in recovery is among our top priorities as you get started on your journey of rehabilitation. Meanwhile, we continue to make ourselves available to you, offering any level of support needed to guarantee your success in recovery.

The Magical Amount

When it comes to the length of time spent in a Tampa drug rehab, people have varying opinions: For some, recovery only requires a month-long stint in rehab while others insist on long-term treatment to guarantee success. In our experience, a three-month duration for treatment is the “magical amount." For one, it allows for that initial month during which the individual is getting acclimated to newfound sobriety. If there were only a single month for the entire recovery process, an individual has much higher potential for relapse since he or she has received far less treatment than is necessary.
Since ours is a 90-day program, individuals have a stable foothold on recovery as they reach the end of the three-month period. During this time, each patient receives a level of individualized support and care that would otherwise be impossible in a rushed single-month program. Moreover, three months affords ample time with which to cover the many facets of recovery, from relapse prevention to cognitive behavioral therapy and beyond.

A Comprehensive Tampa Drug Rehab Program

There are many Tampa drug rehab centers, but Coalition Recovery has set the bar much higher than most others. For one thing, we don’t treat your recovery as if it’s one-size-fits-all. The treatments and resources that work for one person won’t always be optimal for everyone, which is why each of our patients receives a completely customized, individualized curriculum. What’s more, an individualized treatment regimen addresses the multi-faceted needs of those suffering from substance abuse problems. For instance, finding the source of an individual’s substance-abuse problem is a huge part of recovery; whether it was exposure to drug use during one’s childhood, an undiagnosed mental or emotional disorder causing a need for dual-diagnosis treatment, or a plethora of other unresolved issues.
Coalition Recovery is unique among drug rehab centers, Tampa’s premier drug addiction recovery program is sure to meet the varied needs of patients from all walks of life.

Flexibility Without Compromise

While there are numerous reasons why individuals in need of treatment fail to seek help for their substance abuse problems, one of the most common is the inability to fit an addiction treatment program into their busy and somewhat hectic lives. Whether you’re someone with a family, a demanding career, or a host of other tenuous obligations, it’s a difficult situation to be in when your responsibilities prevent you from getting the help you need. However, with our 90-day drug rehab program, we believe we have developed a way to accommodate even the most unforgiving schedules. Our outpatient treatment regimen offers flexibility without compromise by incorporating many of the same industry-leading treatments and therapeutic techniques as residential and inpatient rehabs, but on an outpatient basis.

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Addiction is a progressive and oftentimes deadly disease that affects as many as one in ten Americans over the age of twelve. With drugs like heroin and prescription painkillers reaching epidemic-level proportions, it’s important for individuals in need to have access to high-quality care that can truly offer them what they need to get their lives back. Coalition Recovery is a new outpatient-based addiction therapy center with a staff of experienced professionals who are invested in your success in recovery. To learn more about our treatment options or for a free consultation, call Coalition Recovery today.

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