Dual Diagnosis Treatment

There are many types of addiction treatment, including inpatient and outpatient programs, holistic and clinical programs, and so on. The reason there is such a diverse range of programs is because not all programs are designed to meet the same needs. Since there are many ways to become addicted and many possible symptoms an individual can experience after developing a substance abuse problem, it’s crucial for individuals to be able to find the programs that can best address their unique needs.

For those who suffer from or exhibit symptoms of psychological disorders, a special type of addiction treatment program may be necessary, allowing the symptoms of both the substance abuse problem and the psychological disorder to be addressed simultaneously. This type of program — called dual-diagnosis treatment — is one of Coalition Recovery’s numerous offerings and might be the program you need to achieve a successful recovery.

Why Dual-Diagnosis Treatment?

Working with a multitude of facilities, psychiatrists and LMHCs, we have concluded that addiction rarely happens on its own. What we have come to realize is that consistent use of substances, whether alcohol or drugs, is a coping mechanism for underlying issues. Our treatment focuses and finding what those issues are. Treating these issues will in-turn effectively address the problem of substance abuse. Of course, we also use behavioral techniques like most other facilities, but at the heart of our treatment is treating the entire self from the ground up; this means treating any psychological complications first and foremost.

Co-Occurring Disorders

Dual Diagnosis treatment focuses on co-occurring disorders such as any mental disorder like anxiety or depression along with the substance use disorder. It is extremely common for both of these complications to exist together. Substance abuse affects individuals in a variety of ways. Most of the time, addiction causes a heavy strain on a person’s life and they begin to lose control over their responsibilities. These losses of family, friends, education, career, or finances can cause severe psychological turmoil. Because of the loss of responsibilities and the pressure it induces, individuals are likely to develop anxiety or depression. Chronic use also causes severe chemical imbalances in the body and brain which can produce these illnesses. Even certain drugs like marijuana have been known to induce psychosis in particular individuals after limited use.

There are obviously multiple reasons to why someone may have developed a disorder due to substance abuse. It is also very common for substance abuse to be the result of a mental disorder. Those who suffer from anxiety and depression are at high risk of drug or alcohol dependence. They find the use of these drugs more appealing because they can suppress these negative emotions. In turn, an individual uses these drugs to self-medicate.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment for Addiction

Fortunately, dual-diagnosis treatment is effective. A patient receiving dual-diagnosis treatment is essentially receiving the full spectrum of medical treatment. The psychologist will be able to assess the disorder and prescribe medication if needed while the therapist and clinician will work with the individual to adequately mitigate the disease through multiple therapy techniques. When a psychologist can work in tandem with the therapist (and vice versa), the treatment becomes streamlined and more effective.The most popular methods we use are CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), and trauma-based therapies. Treating both of these symptoms in tandem is essential. Without professional mental health treatment, success in treatment will be minimal. Fortunately, with our Dual-Diagnosis treatment, this is done all under one roof!

Whether you have a co-occurring disorder or not, it would still be advisable for a facility to support dual-diagnosis. First of all, a facility with the knowledge and expertise of treating mental health disorders will ultimately be more adept at handling the broad spectrum of substance abuse. Secondly, many people who begin treatment can be unaware of their underlying issues. For those who have not had a diagnosis or who are unsure if they necessarily need co-occurring treatment, it is advisable to look for a facility that practices dual-diagnosis treatment to ensure you are receiving the most appropriate treatment. If you have been diagnosed with a mental disorder previously, you understand the importance of a dual-diagnosis program.

It is often rare for someone with a substance use disorder to have zero underlying issues. These root issues can be singular or multiple issues spread across a broad spectrum. They can be a medically diagnosed mental illness such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.; but some underlying complications may not be categorized as a mental illness. Take a look at trauma. Yes PTSD is a labeled mental illness, but to be labeled PTSD, there must be a single event. Trauma can spread across a range of time – such as childhood trauma. Encountering a bully or being teased as a child can directly affect an individual's likelihood of becoming prone to substance abuse. So, while symptoms of trauma and chronic stress are technically not a mental disorder, they can affect an individual in the same manner. That is why our Dual-Diagnosis covers a broad spectrum of afflictions – not only mental disorders. Here at Coalition Recovery, we stress the importance of healing this aspect of a person’s life to effectively treat their substance use disorder.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment in Tampa

It’s never a bad time to look into treatment programs for an addiction; however, if you’re someone with a history of psychological distress and would like to learn more about Coalition Recovery’s dual-diagnosis treatment program, we encourage you to contact us today. Our friendly and experienced staff is available anytime to answer your questions, provide information, or schedule a risk-free consultation for you or your loved one.

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