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Looking for a Rehab in Temple Terrace?

Are you located in Temple Terrace near Tampa, Fl and looking for a substance abuse treatment center? Coalition Recovery is the closest treatment center in the area. We are located in Brandon making it

Alcohol Withdrawal and Detox Medications

Medications To Treat Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

For those going through the recovery process, one of the hardest challenges to overcome is the physical dependency on alcohol. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms are typically very uncomfortable and in some

How to Keep Recovery during Vacation

How to Keep Your Recovery in Check During Vacations

Vacationing–typically a chance to relax and decompress– can be hard for those in early recovery. It often raises familiar settings that once involved drinking. Here are some helpful tips on how t

CBD for substance abuse treatment

CBD for Substance Abuse Treatment

This article is about everything CBD: from its uses to its dangers and even its effectiveness during drug and alcohol recovery. If you are new to CBD or are interested in it to help you during your r

What is Tapering?

Tapering is the process of slowly decreasing the amount of the drug being taken over time. This process helps the body adjust to the loss of the drug overtime, decreasing the severity of cravings and


College Student Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program

Student life is filled with newfound freedoms, stress, socializing, and partying. This can create susceptibility towards abuse and addiction. These specific circumstances take a specialized approach.

Drug rehab Online

Online Drug and Alcohol Rehab: Telemedicine

40 million people in America struggle with SUDs but only 1 in 10 find treatment. Often times SUD cases happen in rural areas where treatment isn't readily available. For many, even if treatment is acc

Sober Spaces in College

Sober spaces are areas, whether living facilities or communities, where students can feel comfortable without worrying about peer pressure or safeguarding their recovery.

National Overdose Awareness - No more stigma, No more shame

Today is National Overdose Awareness Day

The National Safety Council is encouraging Americans to observe International Overdose Awareness Day, a time to remember those we have lost to drug overdoses.

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