In-Network (HMO) Provider for Addiction Treatment

AvMed In-Network (HMO) Provider for Florida

Coalition Is currently an in-network provider with AvMed. AvMed (formerly known as Aviation Medicine) serves many Floridians throughout the state. If you are seeking addiction treatment for substance

Executive Rehab Cover

How Executive Drug Rehab Centers Help Professionals

Working professionals like lawyers, doctors, and nurses work in high-pressure situations that make them vulnerable to mental health and addiction. Learn more about how an executive rehab program can b

EMDR Therapy for Addiction

EMDR Therapy

EMDR is the process of utilizing a neutral stimulus like eye movements along with a synchronized attention to a traumatic experience to heal and mitigate any unhealthy emotions associated. EMDR therap

Guide to Veterans and Addiction (1)

Our Guide To Veterans and Addiction

When our forces come home, they may encounter numerous challenges as they adjust to normal life outside of the military. Learn why veterans are susceptible to mental health and addiction. Then, learn

Moral Recognition Therapy

Moral Recognition Therapy (MRT)

Moral Recognition Therapy (MRT) is an evidence-based therapy used to correct individuals with adverse behaviors by developing healthier and productive standards. Learn how MRT can help with your addic

Addiction and Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety And Addiction: How They Are Related

It is important to understand how anxiety and addiction are related and the ways they affect each other. By understanding this relationship, we can begin to acknowledge the importance of dual-diagnosi

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