Relapse Prevention in Addiction Medicine

Relapse Prevention

Relapse is often discussed as someone engaging in substance use after being sober. A relapse is not simply a one time use of substances, a relapse is a process that frequently begins before the actual

Valentines Day in Addiction Recovery

Valentine’s Day – Give the Love!

Valentine’s Day can be a challenging time for both those dealing with drug addiction and their friends and family. From heart-shaped cookies at the neighborhood coffee bar, romantic music in the

Coalition Recovery Testimonial (Chris)

Coalition Recovery Testimonial (Chris)

“Hi, my name is Chris and I have recently completed Coalition [Recovery]. I am going to tell you a little bit about my experience. When I first came in I had tried many other rehabs. I had tried

Life Skills in Recovery

Life Skills Needed in Recovery

It’s typically said that people with substance use disorders stop maturing at the age they were when they started using. If you were addicted to drugs or alcohol throughout your adolescents you

The Science Behind Addiction Treatment

The Science Behind Drug Treatment

The National Institute on Drug Abuse specifies addiction as a chronic, relapsing brain disease identified by compulsive drug-seeking and use, despite serious distress and also other setbacks in their

How to Handle Super Bowl In Recovery

9 Ways to Manage the Super Bowl While Sober

Game Day doesn't need to be a reason to consume alcohol. If you are new to recovery, the Super Bowl might be a strange time. What was once a reason to drink and party now has become something to fear

Naloxone for Addiction Treatment

The Naloxone Guide

Each day, individuals save lives by administering naloxone to those that have overdosed on opioids. As of today, Naloxone is an essential tool used by first responders in cities across the country. Ev

How Effective is Medication Assisted Treatment_

How Effective is Medication Assisted Treatment?

Medication Assisted Treatment or Medication Assisted Therapy is the use of medications alongside psychotherapies like CBT. MAT is an evidence-based therapy meaning it has been researched and been show

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