Stigma in Addiction Treatment

The Stigma of Addiction

There's a general uneasiness towards individual's with substance use disorders. Unlike most illnesses, these individuals often feel ashamed and guilty for their behaviors; often catalyzing their addic

Signs of an overdose Blog Post Cover

The Signs of Overdose And What To Do

Overdoses are now the leading cause of preventable deaths. There are 67,367 drug overdose deaths in the United States. By knowing the signs of an overdose and what to do, we might be able to save the

How Our Body Stores Unprocessed Trauma

How Unprocessed Trauma Is Stored In The Body

Trauma stays with us forever if left unattended. This unprocessed trauma can manifest into both psychological and physical problems. Addressing these experiences and releasing these physical blockages

Overdose Awareness Day –(2020)

August 31, 2020, is International Overdose Awareness Day, a worldwide event that aims to raise awareness that overdose death is preventable and to lower the stigma related to drug-related death.

The potential advantages of a vocational fitness program contributed to residential SUD treatment

Getting Work While Working Out

A recent qualitative study showed promise for the inclusion of physical activity and employment within an individual's recovery program. The study highlighted the benefits of both exercise and employm

Coping with COVID-19

How to Effectively Cope With Corona Virus

During a pandemic there can be an increase in concern and worry over safety as well as how to handle one’s mental health. Uncertainty over job security, financial security, and overall safety can br


Addiction Recovery Programs in Florida

Learn about the variety of addiction recovery programs located throughout the state of Florida, how they differ, which ones are right for you, and how they can help you begin (or sustain) a life of re

The power of mindfullness

The Power of Mindfulness

The concept of mindfulness can be simple, yet profound. Mindfulness is the ability to be totally present in the given moment. Your mind is totally focused on and appreciative of the given moment that

Out of Pocket Maximum with Addiction Treatment

How Does My Out of Pocket Maximum Work?

The most that you'll have to pay for covered medical services in a year is called your out of pocket maximum if you have health insurance coverage. Depending upon the plan you have, "covered services"

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