Drinking to Reduce Anxiety

Drinking to Cope with Social Situations?

Anxiety. We’ve all heard of this little word before. We all know what it means and we definitely know how it feels. For many of us, when we feel this anxiety towards social events, it can sometimes

Coalition Recovery Testimonial (Farah)

Farah’s Testimonial Hi, my name is Farah and I am an alumni at Coalition Recovery.  I am very grateful for this program especially because most of the therapists here and the admissions dep

The Value of Appreciation as it Relates to Addiction and Drug Abuse

The Value of Appreciation in Recovery

Who are we to get to use substances to "shut off" the world, or numb our pain? What makes us so special that we get the "easy way" out in life, as opposed to facing our struggles with courage, dignity

Why Do Relapses Happen?

Why Do Relapses Happen?

We know deep down how great sobriety feels. When looking back at our lives of drinking and/or using, it's clear to see that a life of recovery is the way to go; yet relapse is an almost inevitable par



In the United States, 61 percent of men and 51 percent of women report exposure to at least one lifetime traumatic event. Studies have shown a direct correlation to traumatic experiences and the poten

CBT for Anxiety

CBT for Anxiety

Have you ever considered if your anxiety is well-founded? Through challenging anxious thoughts, putting "thoughts on trial," and examining most likely outcomes one can find that worries, stressors, an

The Value of Connectedness in Recovery

The Value of “Connectedness” in Recovery

What is the opposite of addiction? It's not sobriety. Granted, healthy recovery includes sobriety, but the analogy is not so streamlined. Examine the value of community, companionship, goals, and over

Why Your Job Might Be Hindering Your Recovery

Recovery With A Purpose

Sometimes your current job could be what is holding you back in your recovery. Learn how case management in treatment can set you up for success by aligning your goals and giving you a deeper sense of

What is an Addiction Treatment Plan

What Is a Treatment Plan Exactly?

Treatment plans are a fundamental aspect of treatment; but what exactly are they, what's their purpose, and how do we establish them? Learn more about individualized treatment plans here!

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